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September 25, 2012

Yesterday Was Fairly Chaotic

Remember how Scott just started his surgery rotation? This is how yesterday went.

4:00 am Wake up
4:30 am Leave the house
4:45 am Drop Scott at the hospital
5:00 am Attempt to get gas, give up, go home and get back in bed
7:00 am Wake up again and get ready for work at 8:00
7:30 am Scott calls - he needs to be in Ankeny (20 minutes away) by 7:45
8:00 am Pick up Scott and head to Ankeny
8:45 am Drop Scott off (after going the wrong way twice), get gas and use the restroom
9:30 am Get to work

Long morning, right?

1:00 pm Talk to Scott - he is back in Des Moines and has a meeting 3:00
3:00 pm The meeting doesn't happen
6:00 pm Leave work, pick up Scott
6:30 pm Stop at McDonald's (It's my guilty pleasure. I love McDonald's)
8:00 pm Go to bed

Today Scott got to stay in Des Moines all day. Tomorrow he will be in Boone, about an hour away. Needless to say, this will definitely be the most demanding rotation yet (but we were expecting that).

Soooooo long story short we learned that Scott has to have a car always because he will be traveling multiple times daily. Sharing one car is really great most of the time...and honestly this is the trickiest it has ever really been. Good thing I have some awesome people at work who are willing to let me hitch a ride with them in the mornings.

Fun side note - I am due three weeks from today. Officially full-term here folks. Three. Weeks.

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