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September 23, 2012

Blog Posts Don't Need Titles, Right?

Wow. I really have not blogged much lately, although I have been writing stories from each of my doctor appointments that I may share sometime. One might think that they would be boring, but let me just tell you that my doctor appointments are almost always eventful. The extra fun ones usually start with the medical student walking in and saying "Now this is my first time doing this..." Yes, I think in the future I'll have to share some of those experiences.

Scott is officially finished with his Internal Medicine Rotation and starts in Surgery tomorrow. He has to be at the hospital every morning at 5:00, and I'm the lucky gal who gets to drive him there! :) We got some tips like "be prepared to sleep spend the night at the hospital" and "always have an overnight bag ready". Ready or not, here we come!

This week we had a visit from my sister, her husband, their baby and my dad. It was really nice to have them here, even if for just a short time. They arrived in Des Moines on Monday and met me downtown for lunch. After work we all met up for dinner and watched the Denver Broncos game. I was able to take Tuesday off, so after dropping Scott at the hospital I spent the day with the fam. I went swimming at the hotel and it was spectacular! I haven't been swimming at all since being pregnant and let me tell you how nice it was feeling so weightless. Getting out of the pool was pretty tough though, I felt like I weighed a thousand pounds climbing out of the water. Later we went baby shopping where Cherish and I had a great time. The boys lived through it. :)

My dad brought with him all of our baby gifts that we received while in Utah, so we now have a whole bunch of baby stuff to organize. Guess what I spent my Saturday doing! I'm right in the middle of everything where the baby's room looks like a disaster. I'll finish it up this week. Last week we bought diapers for the first time ever and this week I washed some of my baby's clothes for the first time ever. Milestones folks!

Today my friend Erica took pictures of me (and a few with Scottie) so I can have some nice maternity photos. I am really excited to see the final product! Look forward to lots of pictures, not just of me but of baby boy once he makes his debut. Only three more weeks until I'm Three weeks ago I felt like I had so much time left, but now I feel like there is not enough time left.

Lengthy post coming to a close, here are a few pictures.

32 weeks
36 weeks
Dad and Meadow
Scottie and I with Meadow. It was nice having a belly to rest her on. :)
Meadow and Auntie Rachel
I just love her!
At the baby store asleep in a rocker. Classic!
I like this one cause she looks happy with Uncle Scott. :)
Some toys don't work for little babies. Like giant baseballs.

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