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September 25, 2012

Yesterday Was Fairly Chaotic

Remember how Scott just started his surgery rotation? This is how yesterday went.

4:00 am Wake up
4:30 am Leave the house
4:45 am Drop Scott at the hospital
5:00 am Attempt to get gas, give up, go home and get back in bed
7:00 am Wake up again and get ready for work at 8:00
7:30 am Scott calls - he needs to be in Ankeny (20 minutes away) by 7:45
8:00 am Pick up Scott and head to Ankeny
8:45 am Drop Scott off (after going the wrong way twice), get gas and use the restroom
9:30 am Get to work

Long morning, right?

1:00 pm Talk to Scott - he is back in Des Moines and has a meeting 3:00
3:00 pm The meeting doesn't happen
6:00 pm Leave work, pick up Scott
6:30 pm Stop at McDonald's (It's my guilty pleasure. I love McDonald's)
8:00 pm Go to bed

Today Scott got to stay in Des Moines all day. Tomorrow he will be in Boone, about an hour away. Needless to say, this will definitely be the most demanding rotation yet (but we were expecting that).

Soooooo long story short we learned that Scott has to have a car always because he will be traveling multiple times daily. Sharing one car is really great most of the time...and honestly this is the trickiest it has ever really been. Good thing I have some awesome people at work who are willing to let me hitch a ride with them in the mornings.

Fun side note - I am due three weeks from today. Officially full-term here folks. Three. Weeks.

September 23, 2012

Blog Posts Don't Need Titles, Right?

Wow. I really have not blogged much lately, although I have been writing stories from each of my doctor appointments that I may share sometime. One might think that they would be boring, but let me just tell you that my doctor appointments are almost always eventful. The extra fun ones usually start with the medical student walking in and saying "Now this is my first time doing this..." Yes, I think in the future I'll have to share some of those experiences.

Scott is officially finished with his Internal Medicine Rotation and starts in Surgery tomorrow. He has to be at the hospital every morning at 5:00, and I'm the lucky gal who gets to drive him there! :) We got some tips like "be prepared to sleep spend the night at the hospital" and "always have an overnight bag ready". Ready or not, here we come!

This week we had a visit from my sister, her husband, their baby and my dad. It was really nice to have them here, even if for just a short time. They arrived in Des Moines on Monday and met me downtown for lunch. After work we all met up for dinner and watched the Denver Broncos game. I was able to take Tuesday off, so after dropping Scott at the hospital I spent the day with the fam. I went swimming at the hotel and it was spectacular! I haven't been swimming at all since being pregnant and let me tell you how nice it was feeling so weightless. Getting out of the pool was pretty tough though, I felt like I weighed a thousand pounds climbing out of the water. Later we went baby shopping where Cherish and I had a great time. The boys lived through it. :)

My dad brought with him all of our baby gifts that we received while in Utah, so we now have a whole bunch of baby stuff to organize. Guess what I spent my Saturday doing! I'm right in the middle of everything where the baby's room looks like a disaster. I'll finish it up this week. Last week we bought diapers for the first time ever and this week I washed some of my baby's clothes for the first time ever. Milestones folks!

Today my friend Erica took pictures of me (and a few with Scottie) so I can have some nice maternity photos. I am really excited to see the final product! Look forward to lots of pictures, not just of me but of baby boy once he makes his debut. Only three more weeks until I'm Three weeks ago I felt like I had so much time left, but now I feel like there is not enough time left.

Lengthy post coming to a close, here are a few pictures.

32 weeks
36 weeks
Dad and Meadow
Scottie and I with Meadow. It was nice having a belly to rest her on. :)
Meadow and Auntie Rachel
I just love her!
At the baby store asleep in a rocker. Classic!
I like this one cause she looks happy with Uncle Scott. :)
Some toys don't work for little babies. Like giant baseballs.

September 7, 2012

All The Things That We Do With Our Time

Be ye warned: this is a lengthy post.

First we have some big news in Scott's world: we got his board scores back! Let me just say that all of that studying definitely paid off. Scott is now six weeks into his third year and has started his rotations. Scott was given a year long rotation at a hospital here in Des Moines and there are only two specialties he covers that won't be on-site at the hospital. Each rotation is four weeks long and each week he has worked with a different attending physician. Since most specialties are required for his education, they include a post-rotation exam as well. His first rotation was Neurology where he saw a lot of strokes and seizures. He was only at the hospital on weekdays from about 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, which was perfect with my 8-5 work schedule and he didn't have a lot of needed study time outside of that so we still had evenings and weekends together. Now he is on the Internal Medicine service which has been even less demanding than we expected. Fast forward two weeks and he will be on Surgery service, which rumor has it is 12 hour days starting at 5:00 am plus on-call work. That will definitely be a change, but I think he will enjoy it for the most part.

I am still loving my job - on the 30th we celebrated my two year anniversary! Our manager wrote me a nice card, my supervisor brought bagels for our team and gave me a celebratory cookie from Panera (if you haven't eaten there you should). Not to mention random people stopping by and emailing me congrats on my two-year. It was a fun day!

We have been slowly but surely preparing for baby to come. I am only six weeks away from my due date now. Crazy! It has been really nice spending time with Scott in the evenings and on the weekends. We cook together, clean together, go shopping is wonderful! He is very conscious of my "limitations" being pregnant and all (although I sometimes hate to admit that I'm not superwoman) and will often offer to do things for me and always asks how I am feeling. He's pretty great (to say the least).

The next few weeks are going to be pretty eventful, and I am excited! This week we picked up the new chair that we bought (Erica thank you again!), I went to a baby shower for a friend and I had another checkup with the doctor where they were a little confused and thought I was past 36 weeks (I'm almost 35 weeks along). Next week I have an off-site training for work where I get to spend the entire day learning some leadership techniques (I am truly excited about it) and I signed up to spend a few hours at an elementary school reading to kids. I will also be having a baby shower, then be able to spend a couple of days with my sister, her husband, their new baby and my dad. The following week will be Scott's last before Surgery begins and we will top it off at a BBQ with my coworkers. After that I am hoping to let the nesting take over while Scott lives at the hospital. I will have a few weeks of time to myself before my mom and in-laws arrive. Then of course, baby will be here. So soon!

Update In Photos

It's about time I blogged again! Truth be told, I am usually pretty tired by the time I get home from work and getting on the computer is the last thing I want to do. I have gotten really good at kicking off my shoes and propping my feet up until it's bedtime. Speaking of bedtime, I am ready to turn in by about 9:00 every night. As an easy here-is-what-we-have-been-up-to post, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

We had to buy a few new clothes for Scottie to start rotations. 
First day of rotations! Not the best photo. He had food in his mouth and was worried about being late.
It's Iowa alright. We got a little lost taking a different way home.
Once you get outside of Des Moines this is basically what the world looks like for miles.
Some days I drop Scott at the hospital and have 1-2 hours before I have to be at work.
I took this photo on one such morning while I wandered through downtown a bit. 
A shot of one of the entrances at the hospital where Scott is rotating.
Breakfast! I was really early for my Doctor appointment and there is a grocery store close by.
This was a work outing to an Iowa Cubs game. So fun!
Scott loves me so much that he took me to eat at Chick fil a. Twice. I love their food so much!
Batman! Too bad these masks were kid sized.
More detailed updates to come. :)