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August 10, 2012

Oh Baby.

While we were in Utah I had two awesome baby showers thrown for me and the little man. The first shower was at my mom's house where my step-dad made some incredible food and my sister-in-law Leslie handled the invites and decorations. There were a couple of activities planned, but it was pretty low-key so I could catch-up with old friends.
The invitation, made by Leslie. She is so good at this cute, crafty stuff!
Me and my momma. :)
Me and my step-dad Alan.
Cousin Samantha (who came from LA), me, and step-mom Erin.
Sister-in-law Leslie, friend Carly's boy Deklyn, niece Morgenn, me, cousin Samantha and sister Katya.
Do you see the super-cute banner hanging up? Leslie made it. For real! I love it.
Me and my Aunt Terri. She's pretty cool, and she's an author! Check out her books here.
With my friend Carly's boy Deklyn.
Carly, Deklyn and I.
Carly and I have been best friends since basically forever. Really. Almost all of our lives.
Liz, me and Janice. Two awesome best friends. Yes I have lots of best friends.
Then Liz wanted to touch my belly.
I decided that it's cool if I know you, but to all the strange cat ladies in Hobby Lobby: please don't touch my belly.
With my cousin Samantha.
Check it out! The binky is a nice touch, don't you think?
The second shower was thrown by Scott's mom and sisters with all family on the guest list. The theme: A Little Man. It was great! Here are a few photos, but for more details and pictures, check out Julie's blog post. I think she wrote about it much better than I could.

Almost all of our baby's grandmas!
Step-mom Erin, my mom, Grandma Miller, Grandma Sorensen, and Scott's mom Lisa.
Melanie, me, Janelle & Julie (Scott's stupendous sisters).
My brother and I, showing off the 'staches.
With my dad and brother Sean (the men had a party in the basement while we had the shower upstairs).
I love their faces!
Janelle and Julie. Lookin' good you two!
Thank you to everyone who helped with the showers, and to everyone who came. We appreciate all that you folks do for us.

August 9, 2012

I Suppose You Could Call This An Announcement

As I hear it, there are a few people who have been waiting a long time for this post (and more like it I'm sure). Are you ready for this?

I'm pregnant.

Yep. That's the truth! As of Tuesday I am 30 weeks along. Only 10 to go, isn't that crazy? It seems to have crept up on me. Last weekend we bought a crib, mattress, and changing table set (we got a great deal I might add). I am definitely getting into nesting and am constantly fighting the urge to go fill up a shopping cart at Babies R Us. For real.

I am also feeling past the point where my baby bump is just a bump. I'm getting the waddle down pretty well I think, but the majority of my weight gain is only showing in my belly. Our little guy is almost constantly moving around (did I mention that we're having a boy?) and I love it! Love, love, love it. He is incredibly active, although at first it was hard to tell what body part was poking me. I'm finally catching on to that now that his movements are getting more precise. I am fairly certain that he likes to be on his side with his little feet pummeling the right side of my belly. It's actually a little sore today from all his kicking. Silly boy.

As mentioned in my previous post, I finally got some maternity clothes. They are SO comfortable! Honestly, I now hate wearing my regular clothes (not that many of them still fit), pants especially. Until mid-July I was rocking belly bands every day with my normal pants. Those worked well until I couldn't get my pants over my hips anymore. I have also taken a fondness to Scott's clothes, which surprised me. When we are home in the evenings or on the weekends I steal his basketball shorts and t-shirts. He's so nice. :)

I have lots of thoughts and things to say about being pregnant and how I basically love it, but I don't want to write one big novel of a post, so I'll hold back. For now, here's a couple of pictures. Please excuse the locations and the self-portrait style.

12 Weeks
I felt absolutely huge since I couldn't button most of my pants.
Looking back I realize how  wrong I was!
16 Weeks
Still getting over "morning sickness" and food aversions at this point.
I wanted nothing but Taco Bell for weeks.
20 Weeks
Half way! This was the day of my ultrasound telling us we're having a boy.
24 Weeks
Kind of an uneventful day, but this is outside our new apartment.
28 Weeks
Excuse the bathroom stalls. Applaud the good looks of the maternity jeans.
This is our little guy. I kind of like his little face. :)

August 8, 2012

Isn't July The Best Month of The Year?

It is! Holidays, birthdays, warm weather... The last few summers have been great, and since we moved to Iowa July has been our month to visit home. This year was no exception! Although we wished we could have stayed longer, it was a really great trip and we got to see just about everyone on our list. How about a story via pictures? There are quite a few of them so be prepared.

Scott really loved having his own TV on the plane.
Not to mention it was on some sports channel when we sat down.
Scottie & Marcus. 
Opening some birthday presents from Dave & Jan.
Who went maternity clothes shopping? This girl!
More on that later.
After being on-the-go all morning I joked that I needed my own cart at the store.
Little did I know, there was one waiting for me! I only rode it a little...
Three of the best things: Jamba Juice, Great Harvest bread, and my awesome dad.
Scottie & our niece Aeris. 
We had a get-together on Scott's birthday to celebrate.
Scott acting like an old man.
Jan and Marcus. So cute!
Family photo at the Provo Temple. The sun was REALLY bright.
In an effort to get a good picture we wore our sunglasses.
Landon & Julie
Janelle and Melanie
Scott's parents: the best in-laws in the universe!
Another family shot at the Provo Temple.
Sisters. :)
My brother Sean and I. 
Scottie and his grandpa.
Cousin Jeff, Grandma, and Scott.
Mini-golfing with black lights? Yes please!
Me and my puppy (who is actually not a puppy and is really old).
Orem Owlz game!
Orem Owlz game!
Scott won lots of tickets and gave them all to me. :)
Landon won the jackpot on his first try!
Me and Grandma. I love this lady.
My cool brother Sean playing his bass.
Marcus and I. 
He was rather intrigued with the beads on my shirt.
Group photo! We couldn't ask for better friends.
Scottie and his gluten free pizza at Malawi's Pizza in Provo. SO yummy!
Getting ready to ride the Heber Creeper.
Riding the Heber Creeper!
Riding the Heber Creeper!
On the Heber Creeper! It was a neat experience that I have wanted to have for years!
Looking through the photos before posting this I realize that there are a lot of photos of Marcus. Thanks for being cool with that Jan. :) If you want to see for yourselves, we made their blog. Click here.