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July 1, 2012

A Visit From Liz

The Wednesday after Memorial Day, my dad and Sean left Des Moines and headed to Los Angeles. On Friday my BFFE (Best Friend For Eternity) Liz arrived in Des Moines! She came for a long weekend and we had such a nice time just doing what we do. Liz arrived just before lunch time and came straight downtown to meet me for lunch. After yummy sandwiches at Panera, Liz went back to my place for a nap while I finished out the workday. After work, Liz and I went to the store for snacks (there is definitely a trend here. Visitors = yummy snacks. Always). I think we just relaxed and watched a movie that night.

Saturday Liz and I took to the Farmer's Market downtown. I have never been, but it's quite the to-do around here. It was a really busy day at the market because the Dam to Dam race had finished up earlier that morning, but we had a great time. We bought some yummy food and cute homemade gifts. We were also sure to get pastries from La Mie. We LOVE that place! In the afternoon Liz helped me pack and move some more stuff from our old place (yeah we have two homes for the month of June) and then we went shopping or something.

Sunday we spent relaxing, watching movies and eating snacks. We also played a few rounds of Phase 10.

Monday came and I headed back to work while Liz explored Des Moines. She wandered around East Village, grabbed lunch at Zombie Burger, shopped at Valley Junction, and biked around Grey's Lake. She did all the things you should do in Des Moines in just a day and they are things we have never done...and we have only lived here two years (almost). Liz left the following day, but not without taking a few pictures first!

Classic lunch date with Liz, sharing a dessert.
After meeting for lunch downtown.
Fun Fact 1: I work in the building seen behind us.
Fun Fact 2: Liz is wearing her Hawkeye hat that she bought last time she was here. 
Oh yeah! We also went to the Principal Charity Classic (I got some tickets from work). 

At the sculpture park downtown.
You aren't supposed to touch any sculptures. Liz is such a rebel.
Both of us at the sculpture park.
The Farmer's Market

At the farmer's market eating a dutch letter. We had never heard of them.
It's dough with cinnamon butter stuff inside then baked and sprinkled with sugar.
Eating yummy BBQ chicken.
The two of us at the farmer's market.

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