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July 1, 2012

Sunshine and Summertime!

Yes! Summer is finally and officially here! The weather in Des Moines has been pretty great. A few hot days but mostly 70s and 80s. This week that changed. With humidity I think we got up to like 115. Hot! I still managed to buy popsicles and keep them from melting before I got them home and in the freezer. Mmm.

Scott has been studying all day, every day. After I get home from work we have dinner and watch a TV show, then it's back to work! He has taken a couple of practice tests and done pretty well. Of course that's only practice and we don't know how he does until he takes the real test, but we at least know that he will pass! He is taking two sets of boards, first up is USMLE then a week later he will take COMLEX. After all is said and done we will head to Utah for a week. I am so excited! Both of our families will be around and we have some busy days planned, but it will be a great trip.

I am loving my job and the people I work with. In our department everyone is broken into teams. Each team has a Supervisor and a Work Director (that's me!). We recently hired a new Work Director and are in the process of hiring a new Supervisor. I just learned that I get to be the Work Director for the new Sup on the new team! I'm really kind of sad to be leaving my current team, but I am excited for new challenges! I'm anxious to find out who the new Supervisor will be, because I really like my current boss. He and I get along well and really work well together. He's pretty cool, I mean he helped us move!

I have been spending time in the evenings just organizing our stuff and unpacking the random non-urgent boxes. After three weeks we had our washer and dryer delivered. The problem? The outlet in our laundry room was for a stove and not a dryer. What? Apparently it's fairly common. We put on our grown up pants and switched out the outlet ourselves. I'm so proud of us! It's wasn't a huge deal, but let's be real. It kind of was a huge deal.

Our beautiful washer and dryer!
The last awesome story that I have to share is about our old apartment. We were mostly moved out, and it was all clean except for things like baseboard, walls and blinds but we still paid rent for June. On the 15th our landlord called to let us know that he had rented the place and would be refunding half of the month. Hooray! The catch was that he had already given keys to the new tenant and we needed to get our stuff out that day. We went over after I got off work and started scrubbing things and getting our random stuff out. Mid-cleaning, who walks in but the new tenant! Nice guy, but kind of awkward to have him watch us clean all the while hinting that we really don't need to keep going cause he will just do it over anyway. Fair enough, we got out of there pretty quick and turned in our keys. Now we are looking forward to a refund of our deposit and half a month of rent.

It was POURING rain when we went to clean out the old place. We got soaked!

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