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July 27, 2012

The Zoo Might Be The Best Place Ever

Continuing with the greatness of July, we celebrated my birthday! I wasn't sure we would be able to do much since Scott was in between taking exams, but he was pretty burned out from studying (and rightfully so). At work I was able to get half-price tickets to the zoo that were only good on my birthday, so we used 'em. It was SO great! We were the only people there without kids and it only took us about two hours to walk around at our pace and see all the animals. It wasn't too crowded for a Saturday and although it was super hot outside, it really wasn't bad being outside unless we sat in the sun.

Look behind Scott! It's a wallaby!
Me and the wallaby. This was the Australian Outback - my favorite!
We started here, and came back a second time before leaving the zoo.
A giant turtle! I'm sure that isn't the proper name...
This one is mostly for Nicole. Look at all the Petey's!
Thirsty? This hippo fountain also had misters that sprayed you.
Scott's face when he saw the White-Handed Gibbons. They're his FAVORITE!
Taking a break.
Scottie with a White-Handed Gibbon in the background.
(Look just above his head to the left).
One of the White-Handed Gibbons. They really are super cool.
Scottie and the baboons. Ok they're not really baboons, they are  Japanese Macaques.
There were like 12 of these guys, and we watched them for quite a while
since they were fighting and it was pretty entertaining.
Just hatched! :)
Look at that bird! I have no idea what kind it is, but it was cool to be so close.
I loved this swinging bridge!
Scott was a little surprised. He didn't realize the bridge was not stationary.
There is a cool bird behind Scott, but it turned around right as I took the picture.
Leaving the zoo. I LOVED IT!

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