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July 27, 2012

The Zoo Might Be The Best Place Ever

Continuing with the greatness of July, we celebrated my birthday! I wasn't sure we would be able to do much since Scott was in between taking exams, but he was pretty burned out from studying (and rightfully so). At work I was able to get half-price tickets to the zoo that were only good on my birthday, so we used 'em. It was SO great! We were the only people there without kids and it only took us about two hours to walk around at our pace and see all the animals. It wasn't too crowded for a Saturday and although it was super hot outside, it really wasn't bad being outside unless we sat in the sun.

Look behind Scott! It's a wallaby!
Me and the wallaby. This was the Australian Outback - my favorite!
We started here, and came back a second time before leaving the zoo.
A giant turtle! I'm sure that isn't the proper name...
This one is mostly for Nicole. Look at all the Petey's!
Thirsty? This hippo fountain also had misters that sprayed you.
Scott's face when he saw the White-Handed Gibbons. They're his FAVORITE!
Taking a break.
Scottie with a White-Handed Gibbon in the background.
(Look just above his head to the left).
One of the White-Handed Gibbons. They really are super cool.
Scottie and the baboons. Ok they're not really baboons, they are  Japanese Macaques.
There were like 12 of these guys, and we watched them for quite a while
since they were fighting and it was pretty entertaining.
Just hatched! :)
Look at that bird! I have no idea what kind it is, but it was cool to be so close.
I loved this swinging bridge!
Scott was a little surprised. He didn't realize the bridge was not stationary.
There is a cool bird behind Scott, but it turned around right as I took the picture.
Leaving the zoo. I LOVED IT!

Boards. Check!

I have SO much to blog about! Wednesday night we got back from our week long trip to Utah. It was wonderful. Before I write about that, let's backtrack a little.

It's done. He did it. Scott took his boards! As I mentioned in this previous post, Scott took two different sets of boards. First he took USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) then a week later he took COMLEX (Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination). It was a stressful few weeks leading up to the tests, but well worth it in the long run! Each test was about 8 hours long and the security at the testing center was pretty strict. We took a drive to the testing center a few days beforehand so Scott had a feel for the drive from our new place. We won't get his scores back for a month or two I guess, but I think his studying will have paid off.

Yesterday Scott had orientation at the hospital where he will be rotating through the next year. When I asked him how it went he made it pretty clear that it was super not fun. That's fair. Orientation is hardly ever a fun thing. He did get his ID badge and parking pass along with a new copy of his schedule. His first rotation starts Monday and his last one ends on June 9, 2013. He does have one week off somewhere in there, but I think it will be pretty nonstop for the most part. In any case, this is the last weekend where neither of us have anything required of us. It's going to be full of nothing but awesomeness!

Outside the testing center.
Both of us outside the testing center building. Scottie even wore a DMU shirt!
Oh his way to take USMLE!

July 1, 2012

Sunshine and Summertime!

Yes! Summer is finally and officially here! The weather in Des Moines has been pretty great. A few hot days but mostly 70s and 80s. This week that changed. With humidity I think we got up to like 115. Hot! I still managed to buy popsicles and keep them from melting before I got them home and in the freezer. Mmm.

Scott has been studying all day, every day. After I get home from work we have dinner and watch a TV show, then it's back to work! He has taken a couple of practice tests and done pretty well. Of course that's only practice and we don't know how he does until he takes the real test, but we at least know that he will pass! He is taking two sets of boards, first up is USMLE then a week later he will take COMLEX. After all is said and done we will head to Utah for a week. I am so excited! Both of our families will be around and we have some busy days planned, but it will be a great trip.

I am loving my job and the people I work with. In our department everyone is broken into teams. Each team has a Supervisor and a Work Director (that's me!). We recently hired a new Work Director and are in the process of hiring a new Supervisor. I just learned that I get to be the Work Director for the new Sup on the new team! I'm really kind of sad to be leaving my current team, but I am excited for new challenges! I'm anxious to find out who the new Supervisor will be, because I really like my current boss. He and I get along well and really work well together. He's pretty cool, I mean he helped us move!

I have been spending time in the evenings just organizing our stuff and unpacking the random non-urgent boxes. After three weeks we had our washer and dryer delivered. The problem? The outlet in our laundry room was for a stove and not a dryer. What? Apparently it's fairly common. We put on our grown up pants and switched out the outlet ourselves. I'm so proud of us! It's wasn't a huge deal, but let's be real. It kind of was a huge deal.

Our beautiful washer and dryer!
The last awesome story that I have to share is about our old apartment. We were mostly moved out, and it was all clean except for things like baseboard, walls and blinds but we still paid rent for June. On the 15th our landlord called to let us know that he had rented the place and would be refunding half of the month. Hooray! The catch was that he had already given keys to the new tenant and we needed to get our stuff out that day. We went over after I got off work and started scrubbing things and getting our random stuff out. Mid-cleaning, who walks in but the new tenant! Nice guy, but kind of awkward to have him watch us clean all the while hinting that we really don't need to keep going cause he will just do it over anyway. Fair enough, we got out of there pretty quick and turned in our keys. Now we are looking forward to a refund of our deposit and half a month of rent.

It was POURING rain when we went to clean out the old place. We got soaked!

A Visit From Liz

The Wednesday after Memorial Day, my dad and Sean left Des Moines and headed to Los Angeles. On Friday my BFFE (Best Friend For Eternity) Liz arrived in Des Moines! She came for a long weekend and we had such a nice time just doing what we do. Liz arrived just before lunch time and came straight downtown to meet me for lunch. After yummy sandwiches at Panera, Liz went back to my place for a nap while I finished out the workday. After work, Liz and I went to the store for snacks (there is definitely a trend here. Visitors = yummy snacks. Always). I think we just relaxed and watched a movie that night.

Saturday Liz and I took to the Farmer's Market downtown. I have never been, but it's quite the to-do around here. It was a really busy day at the market because the Dam to Dam race had finished up earlier that morning, but we had a great time. We bought some yummy food and cute homemade gifts. We were also sure to get pastries from La Mie. We LOVE that place! In the afternoon Liz helped me pack and move some more stuff from our old place (yeah we have two homes for the month of June) and then we went shopping or something.

Sunday we spent relaxing, watching movies and eating snacks. We also played a few rounds of Phase 10.

Monday came and I headed back to work while Liz explored Des Moines. She wandered around East Village, grabbed lunch at Zombie Burger, shopped at Valley Junction, and biked around Grey's Lake. She did all the things you should do in Des Moines in just a day and they are things we have never done...and we have only lived here two years (almost). Liz left the following day, but not without taking a few pictures first!

Classic lunch date with Liz, sharing a dessert.
After meeting for lunch downtown.
Fun Fact 1: I work in the building seen behind us.
Fun Fact 2: Liz is wearing her Hawkeye hat that she bought last time she was here. 
Oh yeah! We also went to the Principal Charity Classic (I got some tickets from work). 

At the sculpture park downtown.
You aren't supposed to touch any sculptures. Liz is such a rebel.
Both of us at the sculpture park.
The Farmer's Market

At the farmer's market eating a dutch letter. We had never heard of them.
It's dough with cinnamon butter stuff inside then baked and sprinkled with sugar.
Eating yummy BBQ chicken.
The two of us at the farmer's market.