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May 16, 2012

Random Update

We really haven't been up to much lately so I haven't really felt the need to blog about our lives. Scott is stressed like I have never seen - his last class is tomorrow morning (hooray!) but then comes the much more intense continuation of studying for his first set of board exams. He is taking two sets of boards this summer - Comlex and USMLE. Comlex is the required exam for D.O.s and USMLE is the required exam for M.D.s. As a D.O., Scott can actually take them both and so that is our plan. He takes both tests during the first half of July, then we are hoping to make it home during his one-week break before starting rotations. Oh, I haven't even talked about rotations! A few weeks ago, Scott received his rotation schedule for the next year. We don't have exact locations and hours, but we do know what specialty he will work each during each week of the year. He will have a one-week break just after Christmas (I think that's when it is...) but aside from that it will be work, work and work. He is really looking forward to learning more and being in a hospital environment again.

I have just been keeping up with things at work and church, just staying busy. Work has been going really well and I enjoy my job. I feel right at home doing a lot of the same things I did at my job at APX in Utah and it's nice getting to know more people and be more involved. I also really like working for Wells Fargo. If you don't like Wells, that's cool, but I really like working for them. I like the little things like how they provide paper plates and utensils to eat lunch with to the big things like benefits. Not to mention all of the awesome people I work with! I mentioned to my boss that we were looking at new apartments but worried about the actual moving day. He immediately assured me that he and a few other guys would be there with a truck to help us get it taken care of. So great!

Aside from that, it is definitely a month of visitors! My mom and step-dad were here for a week and we had a nice time in Nauvoo and Des Moines (I'll post some pictures). Next week my dad and my not-so-little-anymore brother will be here for Memorial Day weekend. Then the following week by ultimate best friend Liz will be here for a few days. We love visitors, and we are being spoiled by every stopping in to see us!