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May 17, 2012


I mentioned before that my mom and step-dad came to visit. They were here for a week so we spent a few days in Nauvoo then a few days in Des Moines. Here's a few photos!

Mom and I at the brickyard.
Mom and I on the temple steps.
Mom, Alan and I inside Brigham Young's home.
Breakfast anyone? Delicious!
Scottie and I. :)
Scott Street? How did we not know this existed in Des Moines?
Yes I love tootsie pops, and yes the brown ones are my favorite.

And some photos of the temple. You can never have too many!

I really like this angle. It feels so majestic to me!
From across the street.
This is the view from the Johnathan Browning gun shop.
This one is harder to see, but the temple is in the top left. This is a shot from the third floor of the  Masonic Hall.
Have you been to Nauvoo? Make time. It's a great place to see. If you time it right we will even join you as personal tour guides. :)

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