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April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter. So wonderful! Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday in Des Moines. We spent our few hours at church, and I taught Young Women. You know what? We sat outside for the full hour of my lesson and it was glorious! The perfect Easter day. I wanted to share the lesson that I taught since today is a celebration of Christ's resurrection. I followed the Easter lesson (number 36) entitled "He Is Risen!" from the Family Home Evening Resource Book. The whole lesson is pretty long, so we went through the Easter Program portion. We would read a scripture about an invent during the life of Christ, then I would read a paragraph relating to the scripture. We would then sing a song that tied the story together and start with a new scripture. It was a nice lesson, and I plan to do it with my family as we add in numbers. You can read the lesson here.

As a little pre-Easter gift, my good friend stopped by with a little fruit tray and some eggs that her girls had decorated. It was very thoughtful of her, and very delicious. It was a nice weekend although very busy for Scott. Thursday he had a SPAL (that's where they interact with someone acting as a patient to get a little practice in) and today he had a test, then tomorrow is another SPAL. Although the class load is lighter, things are heating up with board study being piled on top. It will be a long few months! I am excited to say that my mom and step-dad will be here to visit in just a few weeks! We'll spend a few days in Nauvoo and a few in Des Moines just seeing the sights. I'm so excited!

Such beautiful Easter Eggs!