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February 7, 2012

It's Been A While

Hello all. I am really lacking in the blog skills as of late. Maybe I will find some motivation to pick it up again?

School has really picked up for Scott. It should calm down come March so he has more time to study for boards. Right now he is in surgery lab and loving it, making him more inclined toward being a surgeon. Also, Scott got his third year rotation schedule. Are you ready for this? We're staying in Des Moines. Surprised? I'm not as most of the class stays in Iowa anyway. It basically came down to Scott's top two choices: Mercy (Des Moines based) or Iowa as a whole. Well, Scott got the Mercy spot on the surgery track! We honestly have no idea what the difference is being on the surgery track as third year is basically your required rotations, but we are really excited! Not to mention that most of his time will be spent down the street from where we live.

I have been working the new job for a week now, and I love it! The transition has been smooth since I'm working in the same department. I know the people, the procedures, etc and I have some experience in the call center arena. :) I'm still easing in and I am actually really excited for things to pick up a little. I kind of love having too much to do in a day at work because it pushes me to be better. I also like being back on a set schedule. My shoulder/arm issues are still giving me grief and there is no end in sight.

In other news, we are both still enjoying our callings. Scott gets to enjoy the long Sundays at church and I am enjoying Young Women even more. We had a stake activity last weekend and it was such a blast! We drove to the middle-of-somewhere Iowa and spent the afternoon ice skating, roasting marshmallows, and drinking hot chocolate. It was fun to have the 30 minute car ride with the girls too. It's crazy thinking that I'm the adult in charge now...

I think that's really all for now...I'm trying to make plans for Valentine's Day. So far I have come up with free/very inexpensive things. We have free movie tickets and gift cards to an arcade (who doesn't love the arcade?) so those items are in the running...suggestions are welcome.