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January 25, 2012

Basically I Got An Awesome New Job

Early December: A coworker shoots me a casual email about an open position that I'm interested in. I apply.

Mid December: I have a phone interview with a recruiter. Mostly just a formality since I'm an internal applicant.

Early January: I have a face-to-face interview with two supervisors. It goes well, but I have a some doubts.

Mid January: I have a second interview. It goes incredibly well (more like a conversation than an interview). I am confident.

Yesterday: I am offered the job. I am beyond excited!

Today: It becomes official, I am the newest Work Director within Wells Fargo Retail Services Customer Service (that's a mouthful).

This is probably what my face looked like when I found out.
Yes this is a picture from high school graduation.
Yes I am so ecstatic that I don't care if I look funny.
Here I go!