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December 11, 2011

Christmas Decor

Yes, our Christmas decorations are up! Last Sunday evening we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional (watch or listen here) while getting all the holiday things out of boxes. The devotional was wonderful, with reminders of what Christmas is really about. I really enjoyed listening to President Uchtdorf's story about catching the drapes on fire while admiring the Christmas tree.

When the devotional was over I turned on my favorite Christmas music. My favorite album is by Bebo Norman - I discovered him last year - and for some more upbeat tunes I like Barenaked Ladies. They have some pretty sweet holiday tunes.

Basically I love all things Christmastime. I love decorating our tree and setting up our nativity. I have some crafts planned for making a few more decorations, but some of them I want to wait until the post-Christmas sales to purchase the supplies. Here are some of our decorations. I love them!

Our tree, nativity, stocking, etc. It's our little Christmas corner!
I set up and decorated the tree (because I really love it) and saved Scott's favorite ornament for last.
This is where he chose to hang it. After a few photos, I made him put the football somewhere else. :)
I'm not sure why, but Scott tried to fit inside the Christmas tree box.
I love the guy.
Snow! It was really just a dusting and SO pretty.
It was all sparkly and looked like fake snow with sparkles. Beautiful!

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