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December 30, 2011

Spread the Word!

I am taking a little holiday hiatus from the blog...
but this is important enough to share before the holidays are over. Read on!

Landon and Julie
Landon and Julie (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) are hoping to adopt!
Do you see their button on the right side of the page? That's them!

We are trying to spread the word, and they would love your help.
Here are a few ways to do so:
   - Share their adoption blog link:
   - "Like" their adoption facebook page: click here
   - Share these links on your facebook wall!
   - Add their adoption button to your blog!

December 19, 2011

Board Exams? Sure Thing!

Scott just scheduled (and paid for - that's the fun part) his first set of board exams! We were told it would be next to impossible for him to take them here in Des Moines since the spots fill so fast, but we didn't have a problem! June 28, here we come!

Remember Scott's White Coat Ceremony during DMU Family Week at the start of school? Soon enough we'll be at graduation!

December 11, 2011

Christmas Decor

Yes, our Christmas decorations are up! Last Sunday evening we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional (watch or listen here) while getting all the holiday things out of boxes. The devotional was wonderful, with reminders of what Christmas is really about. I really enjoyed listening to President Uchtdorf's story about catching the drapes on fire while admiring the Christmas tree.

When the devotional was over I turned on my favorite Christmas music. My favorite album is by Bebo Norman - I discovered him last year - and for some more upbeat tunes I like Barenaked Ladies. They have some pretty sweet holiday tunes.

Basically I love all things Christmastime. I love decorating our tree and setting up our nativity. I have some crafts planned for making a few more decorations, but some of them I want to wait until the post-Christmas sales to purchase the supplies. Here are some of our decorations. I love them!

Our tree, nativity, stocking, etc. It's our little Christmas corner!
I set up and decorated the tree (because I really love it) and saved Scott's favorite ornament for last.
This is where he chose to hang it. After a few photos, I made him put the football somewhere else. :)
I'm not sure why, but Scott tried to fit inside the Christmas tree box.
I love the guy.
Snow! It was really just a dusting and SO pretty.
It was all sparkly and looked like fake snow with sparkles. Beautiful!

Youth Temple Trip

Last Saturday we went to Nauvoo for our youth temple trip. It was wonderful! We are actually in the Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple district, but the kids (I'm not the kid anymore?) wanted to go to the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple. What's another few hours in the car? I love how close we are to Nauvoo.

We left Des Moines at about 8:00 am and once we arrived in Nauvoo we went straight to the temple. It was nice to just be in the temple for a few hours. It is incredibly peaceful being away from everything else (you can learn more about Latter Day Saint temples here).

After the temple we drove through Historic Nauvoo to show the kids a couple of things. Since there was some bad whether coming in we didn't have time to tour anything. I wish we could have stopped in to see a few things, but we had to get back home. After lunch at McDonald's (and my discovery of their amazing peppermint hot chocolate) we drove home through the pouring rain.

Nativity scene on the temple grounds. Beautiful.
I love the garland on the gates to the temple grounds!
Our group! Yes I look like one of the young women.
All the temple workers thought I was as well. So funny!

December 6, 2011


I'm a little behind on this blogging thing. Apologies.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Not only is it a (sometimes) needed reminder to be thankful for things you tend to take for granted, but it's nice to thankful.

Last year we didn't have a very fun Thanksgiving. Scott was in between kidney infections, I had bronchitis, and we were far from home. Being far really isn't so bad, but it's harder when you know that the whole family is together and you're not there. Anyway, last year we ate a delicious Thanksgiving meal at the school with a handful of other students who we didn't know. Then we went home to put up our Christmas decorations.

This year, we both really enjoyed our Thanksgiving break. Aside from the (hopefully) obvious remembering what we are thankful for, we spent a lot of time together since Scott had most of the week off. We had signed up to attend the school's dinner again, then we were invited over to a friend's house. We went to both! Why not? We ate at the school with a bunch of other students (way better turnout than last year) and I got to meet DMU's new president.

After spending a little time at the school we headed to our friend's house. There were a bunch of couples there, all but one of the couples is here for med school. The other lone couple is here for law school. We still liked having them around. :) Everyone brought different dishes and dinner was delicious. After eating we played some fun games. It's always nice to spend some time with other students who are a year or two ahead of Scott in the program. We have gotten some great advice and insight - things we hope to pass to other students when we have the chance.

After heading home we started (and have yet to finish) a Star Wars movie marathon. We also got to chat with  Scott's family and video chat with my family. All in all, we were much happier this year than last year. I think we have just learned how to deal. :)

Scott making a heart over his happy belly.