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November 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So I had this whole Anniversary Post ready to go (I actually drafted it months ago getting a little ahead). I logged in to post it and it was gone. Oh well, it wasn't super intricate. Here's the rewrite. :)

Scott and I have been married for four years. Four years! It seems crazy. We are now in our fifth year of marriage, yet I continue to learn more about Scott. He's a pretty cool guy and soon I will get to call him Doctor Scott. That will be an awesome day.

Here are a few photos (engagement, bridals and wedding) with us making funny faces. Enjoy!

There was a naked statue...

I'm getting married!
I was confused on how this photo was going to work.
At my bridal shower...yeah...not sure what was happening here...
Pretty sure I was glaring and licking my lips at the same time.
I was trying not to laugh...I have a hard time with that.
And then I started laughing!
More laughing. I'm really not good at serious photos.
The reception! See how we're both making faces?
I wish I knew what she was saying!
Caaaarefullll, caaaaarefullll!
Throw this behind me? Ok.
Maybe a sneeze coming on?
Another shocking moment! I don't know what though...
Also, Here is a photo of us on our anniversary and of my gift to Scott. If you know him, you'll understand how perfect it was. Practical, inexpensive, super cheesy, and a complete surprise.


  1. It was so much fun to be with you for your special day! It is a great memory! We love you both so much!