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November 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So I had this whole Anniversary Post ready to go (I actually drafted it months ago getting a little ahead). I logged in to post it and it was gone. Oh well, it wasn't super intricate. Here's the rewrite. :)

Scott and I have been married for four years. Four years! It seems crazy. We are now in our fifth year of marriage, yet I continue to learn more about Scott. He's a pretty cool guy and soon I will get to call him Doctor Scott. That will be an awesome day.

Here are a few photos (engagement, bridals and wedding) with us making funny faces. Enjoy!

There was a naked statue...

I'm getting married!
I was confused on how this photo was going to work.
At my bridal shower...yeah...not sure what was happening here...
Pretty sure I was glaring and licking my lips at the same time.
I was trying not to laugh...I have a hard time with that.
And then I started laughing!
More laughing. I'm really not good at serious photos.
The reception! See how we're both making faces?
I wish I knew what she was saying!
Caaaarefullll, caaaaarefullll!
Throw this behind me? Ok.
Maybe a sneeze coming on?
Another shocking moment! I don't know what though...
Also, Here is a photo of us on our anniversary and of my gift to Scott. If you know him, you'll understand how perfect it was. Practical, inexpensive, super cheesy, and a complete surprise.

November 11, 2011


We have officially purchased plane tickets to be home for Christmas. That's right folks, I even received the email confirmation! It was a long battle (as these things often are), but once again we are victorious!

It's going to be awesome. Holidays. Home. With our families and awesome friends.
You know what else? 11/11/11 really is a great day!

Now I'm dying to plan out every minute of our trip. Excessive, I know. I'll slow down. I'm just so excited!!!

Our first Christmas - 2007
Our first Christmas - 2007
Scott's Grinch face - December 2008
Temple Square in Salt Lake City - December 2009
Snowmobiling - December 2009
Bowling with Dave & Jan - December 2010
Out caroling with the family - December 2010

November 7, 2011

Laughter Needed

Today I'm in need of a little laughter, so I'm posting some of my favorite funny things. Enjoy!

It's not just me? Good news.
before you breaaaak my heart!
Before you breaaaak my heart!
Enough said.
Oh too true!
Too true folks. Too true.
This is what it's like at our house...
Story of my life! It makes Scott crazy...
No words. I love it.
Still, no words.
definitely in the 1% if it's dark outside.
I am the 1% (and no I'm not referring to Occupy)
And to top it off, an awesome video. I first saw something similar done by some LDS Missionaries, and it was superb. (You can watch that one here). This one? Even better because it's my cousin, her husband and their son. I think I'll watch it again too.
Yep. I will.