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October 25, 2011

Pictures, Weather, Family, School & Work.

We got pictures taken! I love them. Love them. I'll post some of my favorites, then take votes for the People's Choice Award. We need a winner to occupy this year's Christmas card! It rained on our way to take the pictures, but all was well and I still love the photos. Erica did a great job, and so did Scott. :)

The weather has been really nice as of late, just as fall should be. I love fall (doesn't everyone?). The past week or so it has been a little more chilly, hovering in the 50 degree range. A few days ago we realized the landlord turned our heat on. I think it's a bit too early but better early than late, especially thinking back to last year. I'm ready for winter this time! I feel like maybe I know what to expect now? Heck, I'll probably still be surprised on those bitter days (which will seem to last an eternity).

Having a family member (and good friend) here last weekend was a great morale boost for both of us. Anyone who visits us here in Des Moines is definitely on our "Elite Friend List". :) Scott and Jeff had a good time together and it was really nice to have another person around. It definitely made me feel like home to look over and see them on the couch watching football. Home for us is Iowa now, right? My friend Nicole (whom I have known since 2nd grade) blogged about things she has become accustomed to since moving to Texas a year ago. I loved her post since it echoed a lot of my thoughts.

School is still going well for Scott. Last week he had two cardio exams back to back and this week he has his SPAL and last cardio exam. Our friends Brad and Erica are also here for DMU. Erica wrote a blog post that I can relate to as well. Here is an excerpt:

"Our life right now is so strange. Not sure which is most appropriate to our situation but I'll go with it. When people ask about. . .how medical school is and what it is actually like, I never know how to respond. How do you explain to someone that every day is the same? It is a long day, the longest, hardest day you've ever had. And it's like that day in and day out. He takes more than 2 exams on any given week. And I'm not talking about a 'quiz' or a 'chapter review'. In his classes, there may be only one exam, or there might be 2-3. But even with three exams, let's say, there is little room for error. Each week he is cramming, each exam is so hard."

It's seriously a little crazy. A lot of people don't realize how much is going on - even we didn't realize it wasn't just like undergrad! We knew it would be more difficult, but some weeks Scott doesn't even sleep much. Getting up at 4:00 am the day of the test, just to get more study time in.

As for me, life is good. :) Work is going well and I got a week off for Christmas, so family and friends, here we come! It feels like we were just home, but I know my feelings will change right around Thanksgiving and I'll be wishing for home. I'm keeping busy with Young Women's and such. Life is nice and busy! Today I had a few trigger point injections in my shoulder. Ouch. Hoping that will help the issues...we'll see how the next few weeks go!

Here is a preview of our photos. This one is my favorite. I LOVE it!


  1. lovr the photo. Do I know the Erica who took them?

  2. Erica did a fabulous job! I love the photo and can't wait to see more! So I finally discovered your blog!! Hello! Where've I been? You're such a great blogger/writer. It's so fun reading your posts. Great job on the marathon Scott. That's awesome. You guys are great. So glad to be here in The Moines with you!