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October 12, 2011

A Few Awesome Things

Many of you may know that I love facebook. Like I really love it. Lately, our relationship hasn't been at it's best. Why? Because I have found a new site that I love more. Pinterest. Honestly, it's better than I imagined.

Tonight I'm trying Sock Bun Curls, this weekend I'll learn to fold a fitted sheet, and sometime in the next month I'll make some awesome Christmas decorations. I found these all on Pinterest.

This week we have been watching The Wonder Years, and loving it! Last night I had a cross country movie party with the Miller sisters. We watched the same movie at the same time although we're in three different states. SO fun. Currently we are trying to catch the mouse (we're hopeful it's just the one, but I know it's doubtful) that likes to hang out in our apartment. We named him Jerry. This weekend, Scott's cousin Jeff will be here and they'll run the Des Moines Marathon.

Halloween is around the corner and I'm making plans for pumpkin carving with friends any buying candy for myself to eat (that's what the adults without kids do, right?)

Last but certainly not least, yesterday was my padre's birthday. That's right! I celebrated by eating Oreos. I know he appreciated the gesture, since all he had was some delicious ice cream cake and family over to visit. :)

Do you want to see some more shirts I love? I thought so.

The list grows every day.

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  1. If you want to borrow an experienced mouse catcher, I've got one on hand. :) She's been practicing her skills catching moths. But she did catch mice for me in a previous apartment.