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September 10, 2011

Oh College Football, How We (Meaning Scott) Have Missed You!

Scott: Georgia is playing South Carolina who is the number 12 team.
Me: Cool.
Scott: Who do we want to win?
Me: Oh this is important stuff. Georgia.
Scott: Why do we want them to win?
Me: It will help Boise State!
(Note the exclamation point. I was pleased with myself.)
Scott: But how will it help Boise State?
Me: Uhh... Why are the questions getting harder?
Scott: Because Boise State beat Georgia.

And then I understood. By Boise beating Georgia and Georgia beating the number 12 team, it's as if Boise is the one that beat the number 12 team. It's all coming together (it only took four years)! This football ranking stuff is waaaaaaay too complicated. Now, a tribute to our team.

I am a Bronco. By marriage, of course.
This is his uniform (but it's kind of worn out now. He needs a new one).
Just after we got rid of our TV Scott decided he had to play Nintendo 64.
This is a photo of the moment he found that our TV/VCR combo would work.
Such joy!
A Christmas gift from Joey. Awesome!
The Fiesta Bowl with cousin Jeff.
Game Day. Scott can't find his Boise State hoodie. Panic ensues.
The end result? Clothes everywhere with the hoodie prevailing.
Watching a BSU game last September.
Watching BSU win while talking to his buddy on the phone.


  1. sometimes I am very sad I do not have an alma mater that is good at sports. some day Drake will come through. . . ok UNLV? yeah I got nothing. Go Boise!!!!

  2. I love this post! It really sums up your true feelings. The pictures....HAHAHAHAHAHA PERFECT!!

  3. In that last picture: is that a major dribble spot down he front of his shirt?? If so, he should maybe take care of his drinking problem. ;)