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September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

One word to describe last weekend: awesome.

Over the past few weeks at work I have been interviewing and anxiously awaiting results. On Friday I was offered a position on our Quality Monitoring team! Now I get to listen to all the recorded calls for "quality purposes". The new gig has a lot of perks - I am very excited! That evening we went to an Iowa Cubs game with a few families we are friends with. It was lots of fun! Scott and I were dying for stadium hot dogs, but we didn't give in. Next time we will. :)

I love when we have the chance to sleep in and just stay in bed. On Saturday we did just that. After laundry and light cleaning we went to Brad and Erica's house for lunch. Grilled chicken and veggies = delicious. After lunch the boys had some study time while Erica and I hung a railing back on her wall. I felt so accomplished! After a run to Costco we joined the boys for the Boise State game and dinner.

Sunday was very low key which was really nice after a fairly hectic few weeks for both of us. We spent some time together and Scott studied a lot in preparation for the next hectic week at school.

For Labor Day on Monday Scott went on a nice long run, right in the 15 mile range (preparing for the Des Moines marathon!) while I spent some more time helping Erica with things around her house. We hung new blinds (among other things) - thank you to Erica for the practice run at having a house! After getting some laundry done, Scott and I took a walk around Grey's Lake. Beautiful! We also got pizza for dinner. Mmm.

Sometime during the weekend we also watched That Thing You Do. LOVE that movie and music.

Us at Grey's Lake
A shot of the lake (beach included) and downtown Des Moines.
Another shot of the lake.


  1. wow way to make the rest of us look like slackers :) glad you were able to have some fun with your hubby and friends

  2. It is always fun to catch up on your activities. Love you darling girl.