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September 24, 2011

I Miss My Online "Social" Life.

It's been over a week since I blogged. Not long, but I haven't really even checked on blogs I'm following (which is seriously every day). Where has the time gone? I'll tell you, maybe with some photos.

Scott @ School. He finished up three more classes and is keeping his grades up nicely. We heard a lot about year two being more difficult, but so far it has been better than year one. I think it helps to have one year down so you know better what to expect, not to mention that Scott feels like he is actually learning to treat patients. Not a bad thing, right?

Scott @ Home. Scottie boy hasn't been feeling well the past little while - he's had some issues with reflux and stuff so the doctor gave him some medicine to help him for the time being. It's nice that we can sleep again. On a better note, Scott does the dishes and the other night I came home with dinner waiting for me. I had been at work all day (and had stayed late to catch up on hours) then I went to Young Women's and got home after 9:00. I was starving and planning on popcorn for dinner since I didn't want to cook...he knows me well.

Scott @ Marathon Training. Fo' real. Scott is running the Des Moines Marathon next month with his cousin Jeff. He has been training hard for weeks and it's going well! Today he ran 19 miles. I get tired just thinking about it. Jeff is going to stay with us while he's here...I feel bad having him sleep on our tiny air mattress (that tends to deflate throughout the night) the night before a marathon. Maybe we can figure out something else...suggestions welcome.

Rachel @ Work. Work is awesome. Last week I was still "training" for my new position because I didn't have access to anything I needed. This week I moved desks and started working on my own. I can now plan my own schedule and basically do what I want as long as I stay full-time and get my work done. Superb. I have missed my freedom! It can be tough to grade other people on their customer service skills, but it's going well!

Rachel @ Home. Basically our apartment hasn't been clean (I mean really clean) in a while. Maybe since we came home from our trip home (yeah, everything is home. Utah, Idaho, Iowa...). I want to get some deep cleaning done so I can decorate for fall and we can bunk down for winter, but some of the projects lead to bigger ones...and our whole bedroom is a mess. A basket of clothes I don't know where to put, a basket of clothes to be ironed, dirty clothes with no basket, and boxes of winter clothes that I need to unpack and put in our closet. Humph. Also, everything else is dirty. The floors, the fridge, the sink, the I tackled a few things before heading to leadership training and the Relief Society Broadcast.

Rachel @ Church. My calling as the Young Women's President is teaching me lots of new things. Mostly how to deal with difficult and awkward situations, although I do enjoy the Sunday lessons as well. :) The girls and I are getting to know each other and so far the ball is still rolling! Getting the girls involved it tough. With so few girls, it is actually a little tricky to keep them all involved.

Scott & Rachel. We went out to dinner, went grocery shopping, sang and danced (in the privacy of our apartment where others couldn't laugh), got some great advice about Scott's first set of boards, attended a picnic at DMU in honor of the new president, watched lots of movies, watched the premiere for each of our favorite TV shows, and got a package from home!

Our package from home! New York gifties and gluten free snacks!
It included a bag of all the dry ingredients needed for oatmeal cookies (yum!) that tore open during shipping...
Scottie's hat will the oatmeal mix on it.
We took a sticker off the brim to see what the hat should really look like.
My purse (that I love) also covered in oatmeal mix.
We (meaning mostly me) cleaned everything on the porch.
I got pretty dirty and so did the deck.
The end result - just like new again!
For all our Utah fans (maybe only Erin...)
This was a car in the DMU lot on game day (BYU vs Utah).

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