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August 11, 2011

Year One? Check. Year Two? Ongoing.

Seriously. We could not be more excited! Scott has officially completed his first year of medical school. Hooray! One down, how many to go? Let's not focus on that right now... :) He actually finished up just before Memorial Day, but I failed to blog about it.

Remember this post? Now that year one is behind us (I can hardly believe it!) here are the stats.

Weeks of class - 38
Number of classes -13
Number of credits - 46.5
Number of written exams - 48
Number of OMM* practicals - 4
Number of SPALs** - 4
Number of papers - 1 (best number yet!)

Last week we went to a BBQ for the first year students (we didn't go last year, kind of funny that we went this year instead). Second year's were invited as well, to mingle with the newbies and make them feel at home. We didn't plan on going but Scott had left some things at the school. We went back to retrieve said items and the BBQ was in full swing. We were hungry so we stayed a while. The burgers were top notch, and the Diet Mountain Dew (beverages were limited to that and Iced Tea) wasn't half bad either.

*Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. Click here for my post about it.
**Standardized Performance Assessment Laboratory. Basically a patient encounter.

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