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August 2, 2011

Work. School. Church.

We have been back in Des Moines for just over two weeks, and here is what we have been up to!

Scott started year two of school on July 20th and has his first test on Thursday. Until now it has been pretty low key, but from here out it will only get busier each week. My dad asked when Scott's next break is. My reply? Christmas. Really though - he may have a few days off over Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean he gets a break from studying. Crazy. I am hoping we can go to Nauvoo for Halloween though. I loved the pumpkin walk last time we were there (I blogged photos on our private blog. Not sure if there is actually a picture of the pumpkin walk though. Give me your email if you need an invite!)

It was interesting getting back into work. In the first week some guy on the phone basically called me a prostitute. Long story short, our call ended quickly after that. I have never been angrier at work, but now I think it's kind of funny how upset people get over the littlest things. Truth be told, I probably could have answered his questions but he refused to ask anything. Hmm. This week at work I am cross-training for another department. So far, so good! It's still taking calls, but instead of only talking to customers I will talk to merchants as well (who are usually much nicer).

We have had dinner with some friends, and watched their kids as well (they have great kids). We were also planning to volunteer at the Iowa State Fair Parade...come to find out it's a for-profit organization. No thanks. Maybe I will go to the parade, but not volunteer. I'm a non-profit volunteer kind of girl. We do plan on attending the state fair this year. Rumor has it, it's a big deal. And who doesn't want to see the butter cow?

This week I hope to go to the farmer's market downtown - depending on the weather. It has been deathly hot the past few weeks, most days between 110-115 on the heat index. We have a little AC unit in our living room but it doesn't do a whole lot. Needless to say, we bought a couple fans and moved our bed into the living room for the time being. We have also had some fun outings, mostly to take advantage of free AC elsewhere. :) We have also consumed a countless number of popsicles.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a new calling at church! I am now the Young Women's President. Ah! I am really excited about it. When I was in young women's it was easy to connect with the leaders who were closer to my age...I hope that holds true in our branch as well. It will be quite the calling and I am eager to serve the girls and get to know them. Tomorrow night is the first activity that I am in charge of (and running on my own since I have yet to call my counselors) and we are working on Personal Progress. Again, I am tremendously excited but also happy for any ideas for great activities, lessons, etc.


  1. He called you a WHAT? Let me at him!! I may need a popcycle to calm myself down.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Congrats on cross-training at work. I imagine working with merchants will be much better, so cherish those calls. :) Netflix is going to be challenging to stay away from. I'll probably make an exception for it once or twice a week.