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August 29, 2011

Why We Came To Iowa

I know I say this often, but sometimes I forget we live in Iowa. Honestly, I will wake up and think I'm in Utah. Now that we have been here for a year those moments come less often, although they are still just as surprising. Lately I have been thinking about why we came to Iowa.

Since Scott and I decided to marry one another we have known that we would eventually move when the time came to start med school, but it's hard to make a choice until you have been offered a position. Going through the application process was a little crazy. We decided to apply to any school that Scott had a decent chance of being accepted and that we were remotely interested in. When interview time started to come around we were able to get a finer taste of where we would be going and it was often a topic for discussion. 

I was able to go with Scott to an interview in Kirksville, Missouri and we had a great time. Although one of Scott's interviews that day (yes there were multiple interviews at the school) didn't go as well as we hoped, we were pleased with the people, the city, and the school. We were confident we would be moving to Missouri. Then came Scott's interview at USUHS, the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. We were very excited at this prospect and hoped for it to be the end of our application process. Another interview Scott was invited to was one that he wasn't sure he should even go to. It was an interview at Des Moines University in Iowa. Although we had options we felt were better, we decided Scott should go to Des Moines. If anything, he would have gotten to see the corn fields, right?

After not getting our first choice school (USUHS) we weren't sure where to go. Our final decision isn't too hard to figure out as we are here in Des Moines and Scott is attending DMU. Once we paid our deposit and let other offers expire we still had lots to do. Initially, our plan was to move Scott to Iowa and I would stay in Utah for six months to one year in order to finish school and keep my job. Once I started looking at apartments and really thinking about it we decided that we needed to move together. I found an apartment on Craigslist - the one I actually found was already rented by the time I called but the guy had just posted a second apartment at a different location. He sent me the details and I said we wanted it. Two days later the contract was signed and we officially had a place.

I started applying for jobs left and right, constantly looking through postings online. I wasn't having much luck at first, but while we were visiting the Oregon Coast I got a call back from McDonald's for a management position. I was so excited! We wouldn't be in Des Moines for another two months and I had an interview set up - the guy seemed very interested in my application as well. After that I relaxed a little in the job area to enjoy my time left at home.

I later applied for a position at Wells Fargo thinking it was a bank teller position. Little did I know of the large presence of (what was formerly) Wells Fargo Financial in Des Moines. The day I arrived in Des Moines, Wells Fargo called. I did a pre-screening over the phone then set my interview for the end of the week. I was asked to bring a copy of my resume to the interview, and I forgot it. I realized just as Scott was dropping me off and I freaked out. I was 99% sure there was no way I could get the job if I couldn't follow through on such a simple task. As it turns out, the interview went incredibly well. The interviewers asked if I could stay for a second interview. Um, yes. The second interview was even better, and they offered me the position right away. I accepted immediately and could not have been more joyous! Training was set for August 30, so I had just under a month to unpack and get settled. Perfect!

If I ever had or have any doubts about choosing to move here I think back to all the things that worked out for us and it still amazes me. We are definitely in the right place. A year from now Scott will be starting rotations and we have no idea where that will take us...not to mention residency. I am a believer that things will continue to work for us as long as we're keeping the important things in mind.

Taken at DMU during our first month in Des Moines.

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  1. Rachel I love this post!! It truly is amazing how things seem to just work out. :) Miss you!