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August 21, 2011

A Saturday Round of Golf

Yes. We went golfing! By golfing I mean that Scott golfed and I walked the course. Don't worry, we brought friends and had another Saturday morning with Brad and Erica. So much fun! Scott was the only one from our group who actually had golfing experience, so he was our teacher for the day. Although I couldn't golf, I enjoyed myself very much. It was nice just to be outside in the sunshine and spending time with friends.

Scottie explaining the distances and the scorecard. I didn't listen very well.
Teacher and students hard at work. They did so well!
Putting away.
I love these pictures. Just the boys walking and talking.
Erica! I love her energy.
Brad and Erica. Don't they look great?

Now for a few pictures of my good-looking guy. :)
Check. Him. Out.
The man just looks good (especially in the new clothes).
I caught a smile! Tough to do while on the golf course.
I officially love to watch him golf.
We had to get a picture in front of the corn fields, right?
Oh Iowa...just had another one of those moments. We live in Iowa. Crazy!
Our little buddy the raccoon.
Getting a shot of these butterflies was tough. I almost had it, then one took flight!

After golf we went for lunch at Bang Bang, a Mongolian Grill. Mmm. When we moved here (a year ago) people always told me we just had to eat there. Check it off the list!

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