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August 2, 2011

Our Trip Home: Condensed

Recap! We have been back in Des Moines for two weeks now...I think it's time to blog a little about our trip home!

As I mentioned before, the day we left was a busy one - it ended very well since we flew directly into Provo and had dinner with my family before driving to Afton, Wyoming for our Sorensen Family Reunion. Saturday we (attempted to) sleep in then went to the July 4th Parade, had a birthday party for the grandparents and a backyard firework show. Sunday we went to church, took family pictures, and heard from the returned missionaries about their missions.

Monday (July 4th) we set out for Utah with Scott's immediate family to meet up with all the Millers for a lunch reunion. It was great! Lunch was delicious, and we got to take pictures, play games, and just chat. I loved it. After the festivities we all jumped back in our cars and drove to Meridian. Lots of time in the car, but I didn't mind - I love to drive and therefore I LOVE road trips (shout out to Liz!).

While in Meridian we pursued a plethora of funtivities including (but certainly not limited to) the following: family temple trip, sleeping in, playing tennis, eating snow cones, playing the Wii, building a fire (complete with s'mores), partying at the water park, eating pizza, eating out, watching The Office, playing at Wahooz (the equivalent of Boondocks), making a music video, seeing Eric and Tasha, "hiking", walking the Boise River, and meeting with doctors to talk about school. The whole week was AWESOME. I can't wait to be back for Christmas.

Sunday we drove back to Provo, had dinner with family at grandma's house, and stopped in to see Dave and Jan. We had a lot of fun in Utah as well with friends and family alike. We had a few BBQs, went to an Orem Owlz game, ate snow cones, played golf (not me, just Scott), took the wave runners out to Utah Lake, went out to eat, did some birthday shopping, went bowling (my arm hurt terribly. totally worth it), had a slumber party with my niece and nephew, saw Harry Potter at midnight and again the next day, took family pictures, and had a reception for Cherish and Joey.

Not only did we get to spend time with lots of family members and countless friends, but we had a great time doing so. Overall, the trip was superb. I couldn't have planned it better!

July 4th Parade - Afton, Wyoming
My main goal on our trip? Get some sun. I accomplished that here.
Me and Scottie of course!
Family Photo - Sorensen Reunion
Family Photo - Miller Reunion
Wahooz! Those bumper boats are TO-DIE-FOR.
Walking around the Boise River.
The Boise River! Sad it was too high to float. Next year!
Cherish and Joey at their wedding shindig. I always love to see them.
Scottie and I at the reception. Yes I love the bangs. Thoughts? Scott isn't really a fan.
Ollie and I. We're besties.
Sam and I. SUCH a cute kid!
Chillin' with the nephews after family pictures.
Misty and I. SO glad I could see her!
Misty's cute kiddos: Gage, Hailie and Parker. They were a little distracted. :)
Mom and Hailie Jo. Their future is so bright, they need to wear sunglasses!
Aeris and Ollie at our sleepover. We stayed up until midnight!
Aeris LOVED having the towel wrapped around her head, not to mention that it was pink!
Slumber party! After Carl's Jr food and play place, we ran around outside and watched a movie.
My birthday! Making sure little Ollie didn't spit on the cake.
He thought it was hysterical that I covered his mouth, see the next photo for proof.
Proof that Oliver thought it funny when I covered his mouth. Aeris enjoyed it too. :)
Last but not least, Ollie playing some Rock Band. What a stud.

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