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August 11, 2011

One Year

Not to be confused with Year One.

We have been living in Iowa for one year. Scott has been in med school for one year. I have been working at Wells Fargo for one year. I could go on, but won't. As I have said many times, sometimes it still hits us: we live in Iowa. Iowa. It seems crazy.

What do I miss most about home?
Family. Most often my nieces and nephews, not going to lie.
Friends. Especially Liz. While I love leaving and listening to voicemail, I also like to talk in-person.
School. I miss it. Not necessarily the homework, but I miss UVU.
Work. APX (now Vivint) was kind of our lives. Ok it was 99% our lives.
Restaurants. Iggy's, In N Out, Los 3 Amigos, Cafe Rio, Two Jacks Pizza...mmm.

Per usual, some pictures to celebrate. :)

LOVE this picture.

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  1. that last photo is totally scott!!! love it. So glad your here!