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August 29, 2011

HoJo's Birthday (For Liz)

Looking at this post, I am sure that most people will think I'm crazy. Truth be told, I am a little crazy (aren't we all?). My BFFE Liz and I took an end-of-summer road trip in August of 2007 to St. George to see a performance at the Tuacahn Theater (I LOVE that place). We stayed the night at the Howard Johnson Hotel where we discovered our little duck, named him HoJo (aka Howard Johnson), and officially made him our road trip mascot.

Here are a few of my favorite photos with HoJo in honor of his birthday. Liz - enjoy!

Shortly after HoJo's adoption - Dixie Rock.
Taking HoJo swimming.
Chinese Gardens in Des Moines

Happy Birthday HoJo!

Yes Liz, the family of ducks has grown!!!

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