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August 16, 2011

Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News...

Remember the end of June (before our trip home) when my arm was hurting? That's still happening. Initially I saw a PA at the DMU Clinic, and she got me a quick appointment with an OMM specialist. Let me tell you, Dr. Lewis awesome - he is one of Scott's favorite professors.

Way back at the beginning of July I had some x-rays and an MRI on my neck. The findings? Some of my spinal vertebrae things are fused together. Weird, but not what is causing my arm issues.

Today I had another appointment - it was hard to schedule! I was gone for two weeks, then the doc was gone for two weeks, then I had to find an open slot when I wasn't scheduled to work. Such is life. Scott couldn't come because he was training to be an Ophthalmology TA (SO awesome! I'll talk about that a little more later) so it was me, Dr. Lewis and a third year student starting his first rotation. After a brief neuro exam they determined that everything was a lot better than it was six weeks ago - definitely good news.

We then decided that I'll do some neat arm stretches and come back in two weeks to see where my pain is at. To conclude our appointment, I had a deep muscle treatment on my shoulder. Oh. Em. Gee. If appropriate words could describe the pain, I would use them. Dr. Lewis prefaced the treatment by telling me to ice it tonight and tomorrow. He also mentioned that it will bruise nicely. As of now (a good five hours later) there is no bruising, but my shoulder is still really red and painful. I wonder what tomorrow will bring, but I'm hopeful that long term this will fix me!

Other news! Scott is going to be a TA for his Ophthalmology lab at school. Being paid to go to class...I'm ok with it. :) Also, I am now the Young Women's President. Oh yeah. My schedule has just gotten A LOT more crowded and we are going with it!

Scottie teaching Liz. Just a preview to his TA job I suppose. :)

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