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August 5, 2011

Dear Heat Wave, We're Glad You're Gone for the Weekend

Seriously. I could not have been happier with the weather today. Clouds, rain, a little humidity...wonderful. Right now it's only 76 degrees. Amazing how much cooler that feels! Even temperatures in the 80s feel mild compared to the heat index being in the 110 arena every day.

We have moved our bed back into our bedroom - it was occupying our living room for a few weeks - and got a new fan for the third time since we got back to Des Moines. That's right, three separate fans. The first two helped, but couldn't handle it and ending up breaking. Laaaaame. Yesterday we returned one and forgot to buy a new one. Good thing it was cool enough last night that we didn't need the fan. :)

There are some beautiful flowers just next to the parking area at our apartment. I love to see them every morning when I head to work. Here are some photos rain and shine.

They looked beautiful in the sunlight.

Then they wilted in the heat, but I love the raindrops.

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