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July 21, 2011

Scott's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Scott! He is a wonderful husband and we are lucky to have found each other. Here are some pictures of my man.

Baby Scottie! Interestingly enough, this is the first time I recall seeing a photo of him as a baby...
Being a thug. Probably his freshman year of college?
Sometime at BYU before we met...
Hawaii! He should take me there sometime...
Also Hawaii. *sigh*
Studying for the MCAT. Crazy, it feels like just yesterday, yet here we are actually in med school.
In Nauvoo. :)
Last summer before we moved to Iowa (gah. we live in Iowa. still weird.)
Birthday time last year at Cafe Rio.
DMU - in the OMM lab.
Studying. It gets really cold in the winter...who knew?
Christmas time!
We always check blood pressure at the store. This was on a good day. :)
Photo just for Dave as a thanks for the Vivint gear and Zen Garden.
At the Botanical Center.

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  1. cafe rio. . . oh now I have a major craving I can't get. . . thanks ;)