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July 21, 2011


Lots of updates to come! First, a glance at the week before we left (we were home for two weeks!)

Saturday. We did a lot of cleaning...that afternoon my right arm was kind of numb, then began to hurt a lot.

Sunday. Went to church in lots of pain. I was sustained as Young Women's 1st Counselor. Cool!

Monday. Pain.

Tuesday. More pain. Tried ibuprofen, no avail.

Wednesday. Even more pain. It hurts to use my arm (which is mostly bothersome because I am right-handed). I saw a PA at the DMU Clinic who recommended an MRI, but referred me to an OMM specialist in the Clinic.

Thursday. Still pain. Met with the specialist - one of Scott's professors. He was great! We both learned a lot. Dr. recommended the MRI and x-rays. Did the x-rays, and found a bone spur in my neck.

Friday. Pain. Had the MRI to check for nerve issues in my neck. I went to work for about four hours, then we headed to Utah! Our flight went through Denver, directly into Provo. Awesome, right? We recommend Frontier Airlines. They give you warm cookies during the flight. Mmm.

So, not sure what's up with my arm. It still hurts a fair amount and the MRI didn't show any issues in my neck. My doctor is on vacation for another week, so I'll just relax until he gets back so we can set up a new game plan. Pretty exciting stuff!

Scott's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Scott! He is a wonderful husband and we are lucky to have found each other. Here are some pictures of my man.

Baby Scottie! Interestingly enough, this is the first time I recall seeing a photo of him as a baby...
Being a thug. Probably his freshman year of college?
Sometime at BYU before we met...
Hawaii! He should take me there sometime...
Also Hawaii. *sigh*
Studying for the MCAT. Crazy, it feels like just yesterday, yet here we are actually in med school.
In Nauvoo. :)
Last summer before we moved to Iowa (gah. we live in Iowa. still weird.)
Birthday time last year at Cafe Rio.
DMU - in the OMM lab.
Studying. It gets really cold in the winter...who knew?
Christmas time!
We always check blood pressure at the store. This was on a good day. :)
Photo just for Dave as a thanks for the Vivint gear and Zen Garden.
At the Botanical Center.

July 18, 2011

Blogging To Come

It has been two plus weeks since I blogged...I have lots to share! To start things off, here is a sweet video that we made while partying with the Millers. Enjoy, and I hope you look forward to the coming awesomeness.