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June 30, 2011

Steve The Tree

Steve died. Before you panic, remember that Steve is our tree. Remember when we got him? That was a great day! He did well at first, he had grown about an inch and we were so proud! The main contributor to the death of Steve? We believe it was a cat (it looked a lot like a tiger but we're sure that Iowa doesn't have tigers, so decided it was a runaway house cat). One day Scott was outside checking on Steve and noticed the cat watching him intently. Later we heard something crash outside but thought it was just the neighbors. When we got home that evening we checked on Steve, only to find his pot knocked down the steps, dirt everywhere, and Steve lying alone on his side. We quickly replanted him, but he was never the same. No matter what we did, I suppose it wasn't enough.

Cell phone photo quality - Steve in his prime.
Half his pot of dirt, scattered down the steps.
From left to right: Steve 2 (alive), Steve (dead)
Now, as you can see, Steve has been replaced. This new little tree was growing in our rain gutter. Yeah, we're kind of lame. We love our little tree though! We're hoping we can keep him alive longer. We figure if he could live in the rain gutter, he can survive in a pot of soil. Right?

Wrong. This just in, Steve 2 has also met his demise. We now have a pot of dirt on our porch (makes me think of Brian Regan).


  1. Poor steve...oh, and steve 2 too! Now I think the question is, will there be a steve the third?

  2. p.s. I think this is one of my favorite posts! It was very clever.