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June 24, 2011

Far From Home

Today after work I walked out to the parking lot with my friend Kate. We were talking about our families since her little sister is visiting for the weekend and Scott and I get to head home soon (yes!) for a visit. Somewhere in the conversation, Kate said "I don't know how you do it!". That got me thinking. How do we do this? We are SO far away from home! Also today, Scott had one of those moments where it hits us again: we live in Iowa. Who lives in Iowa? I definitely miss living close to our families, although when we moved to Iowa we had no illusions about how far away from our families it was. Actually, that's not completely accurate. We thought we understood the distance. :) Now that we have been in Des Moines for almost a year I feel that we much better understand how far away we really are. Not to complain, just acknowledge. 1,000 miles is farther than you think. The good thing is that while we have only been home once since we moved here, our families (and my BFFE Liz) have been able to come visit us. That is something greatly appreciated. :)

In the car on one of our many drives from Provo to Meridian.
I also miss my Oakleys. I lost them the week we moved to Des Moines. Maybe a new pair for my birthday?
Scott just lost his Oakleys when we went to Chicago. Maybe a new pair for his birthday? 

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  1. My Rachel and her husband are moving in a week and a half for grad school in Atlanta, GA. I wonder how it will be for them to be without family around. It will be a grand adventure, I am sure. Sounds like it has been one for you and Scott. :)