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June 30, 2011

Steve The Tree

Steve died. Before you panic, remember that Steve is our tree. Remember when we got him? That was a great day! He did well at first, he had grown about an inch and we were so proud! The main contributor to the death of Steve? We believe it was a cat (it looked a lot like a tiger but we're sure that Iowa doesn't have tigers, so decided it was a runaway house cat). One day Scott was outside checking on Steve and noticed the cat watching him intently. Later we heard something crash outside but thought it was just the neighbors. When we got home that evening we checked on Steve, only to find his pot knocked down the steps, dirt everywhere, and Steve lying alone on his side. We quickly replanted him, but he was never the same. No matter what we did, I suppose it wasn't enough.

Cell phone photo quality - Steve in his prime.
Half his pot of dirt, scattered down the steps.
From left to right: Steve 2 (alive), Steve (dead)
Now, as you can see, Steve has been replaced. This new little tree was growing in our rain gutter. Yeah, we're kind of lame. We love our little tree though! We're hoping we can keep him alive longer. We figure if he could live in the rain gutter, he can survive in a pot of soil. Right?

Wrong. This just in, Steve 2 has also met his demise. We now have a pot of dirt on our porch (makes me think of Brian Regan).

June 24, 2011

Far From Home

Today after work I walked out to the parking lot with my friend Kate. We were talking about our families since her little sister is visiting for the weekend and Scott and I get to head home soon (yes!) for a visit. Somewhere in the conversation, Kate said "I don't know how you do it!". That got me thinking. How do we do this? We are SO far away from home! Also today, Scott had one of those moments where it hits us again: we live in Iowa. Who lives in Iowa? I definitely miss living close to our families, although when we moved to Iowa we had no illusions about how far away from our families it was. Actually, that's not completely accurate. We thought we understood the distance. :) Now that we have been in Des Moines for almost a year I feel that we much better understand how far away we really are. Not to complain, just acknowledge. 1,000 miles is farther than you think. The good thing is that while we have only been home once since we moved here, our families (and my BFFE Liz) have been able to come visit us. That is something greatly appreciated. :)

In the car on one of our many drives from Provo to Meridian.
I also miss my Oakleys. I lost them the week we moved to Des Moines. Maybe a new pair for my birthday?
Scott just lost his Oakleys when we went to Chicago. Maybe a new pair for his birthday? 

June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! Just as with Mother's Day this year, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary today since our dads are far away. Here are the e-cards that I made for our dads. Happy Father's Day!

For my Dad
For my step-dad
For my father-in-law

June 18, 2011

A Blogging Lull

A few weeks ago it was really hot so maybe we're in the market for a nice fan. And a freezer full of popsicles.

The first weekend of June was the first weekend since we moved here that both of us had nothing planned. It was glorious! I spent most of the time indoors because it was so hot out, and Scott ventured out and about to take our car to the shop for some work on the brakes. Aside from that we ate watermelon and watched movies together. We have watched A LOT of movies lately.

Last week we had lots of thunderstorms and a fair amount of hail. Not many updates for me at work, but Scott has now been working on campus doing some research. It's not the most exciting thing, but it sure beats sitting at home all day - Scott proved that with another kidney infection. Seriously. This is his third infection since last fall. Once he had some antibiotics and a blessing things got better, but he was out for almost a week.

Once he was feeling better we ventured out of the house a bit more. We had a date night to get him some new clothes and shoes, then had dinner out. It was so nice! Today we spent the day together. We cleaned the apartment (I can't pinpoint the last time we did the dishes. When there are only two of you and you run out of clean dishes you know it's time to give in. I miss having a dishwasher.), did some shopping and I got a haircut. Yeah! To finish off the day we went to an Iowa Barnstormers game (arena football) with our friend Cassandra. Her fiance Willie is on the team (I know him from work), which made us feel important. :) We didn't win, but enjoyed the game nonetheless.

I am counting down the days until we will be back home with family and friends. I can hardly wait!

June 12, 2011


Our trip, in pictures (not in order). We went with my dad and my brother Sean. It was so wonderful! We can hardly wait to visit again and wouldn't be upset to have the chance at living there. I think it's safe to say we fell in love with the city. The Windy City.

The Mississippi River - Davenport, Iowa
Scottie and the fedora.
My first glimpse at the Chicago skyline!
Museum of Science and Industry - the only tornado I ever hope to see out here.
Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Science and Industry
We're clowns!
Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Science and Industry - Sean and his tractor. :)
Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Science and Industry
Me and my baby brother. :) I love this kid!
Sean the amazing!
Chicago! Need I say more?
Wrigley Field!
Wrigley Field! It poured for what felt like hours before the game started but it was really neat to watch them uncover the field to start the game.
We brought ponchos to the game to keep dry. Good thing we did!
Cubs Game!
Cubs win!
Go, cubs, go!
The city! We LOVED it.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Only neat if you're a tourist I suppose. The L. Loved riding it from Wrigleyville back downtown.
We also drove through the tunnel things where scenes from The Dark Knight were filmed. So awesome!
Wandering through the Financial District and we came upon this building. The Fed.
Look at those ribs! They were delish.

June 3, 2011

Lemonade or Tea?

Take a look at the glass on the left. Now the right. And back to the left. Do you know what is in each of those glasses? I do, and I have got to tell you I am less than fond of the one on the left.

Here's the story. Out for a late lunch at Applebee's with the Millers (late March). The waitress asks for drinks, and I order a raspberry lemonade. It looks a little funny to me and honestly it tastes a little funny. I'm not one to complain if I don't like something, so my plan was to finish the glass then get another flavor. When I said it was weird Scott tasted some and agreed. No big deal, I finished the glass with hopes of better flavoring in the next. The waitress was on top of her game and brought the next glass before I could voice my request. Thankfully my father-in-law took control and requested a new flavor for me. Maybe strawberry lemonade this time? The waitress looked surprised and said something like, "Lemonade? I brought you tea." Whoa. Kind of hilarious.

This just in. Out for a late dinner at the aforementioned Applebee's location with my dad and brother Sean (late May). Different day, different time, different table, different understand. I told the tea vs lemonade story as we were being seated and when the waitress arrived, Sean ordered raspberry lemonade. You want to know what the waitress brought? Tea. Raspberry tea. We found this quite comical and when she stopped by to take our order we asked for a correction. She also looked surprised and mentioned that she thought he ordered tea.

Oh Applebee's. We still like your food. And the Two for Twenty menu? Superb.