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May 6, 2011

Wrong Way On A One-Way Track

Yeah. I'm not super used to one-way streets, but downtown Des Moines is full of them. Since I work downtown, I am one who frequents the one-way system. Basically it's awesome, although it can prove tricky if you aren't familiar with the streets (and even sometimes when you are familiar with the streets).

I'm always a little worried that if I take a detour I'll wind up driving the wrong way on a one-way. Today, it happened. Okay it didn't happen to me, but I watched someone else do it. I was driving home from work when lo and behold, a car turned in front of me...facing me. He was a lane over, and realized his mistake quickly. Lucky for him, there was a parked car for him to hide behind while waiting for traffic to pass. When it was all clear I watched in my rear-view mirror as he completed a u-turn and went on his way. Phew.

Anyway, another work week over and another weekend starting. Here's an update on the past few weeks:

  • I put in a few hours of volunteer time between YESS (Youth Emergency Services & Shelter) and the Trash Bash. I enjoyed it all.
  • After said Trash Bash participation, I went to a bar/restaurant with some people from work. I won't lie, it was kind of exciting.
  • Details aside, I was called as a witness for some kind of court proceeding. It was uncomfortable, but I feel it was a valuable experience.
  • I got a promotion! I am now a Customer Service Representative 2 (note the "2"). Basically I get paid a little more for doing the same thing I was doing before. No arguments there!
  • I decided to give mascara a try again, although eyeliner will continue to be my favorite.
  • I was released from my calling as substitute seminary teacher. I held the calling for a grand total of 10 weeks and taught a grand total of one lesson. Not the biggest accomplishment on my part.
  • I got time off to head home for the a few days this summer! Just waiting on details from Scott's research job, then we can make travel arrangements. Hooray!


  1. yeah you got the time off! Hope Scott gets some off too.

  2. Dearest Rachel,
    I am starting my blog catch up again, this will be the first of many comments on your recent and not so recent blog posts. I am determined to keep up with it this time! Now, I know this post was quite a while ago, but I just want to mention how much I love it. Everything about it is funny, as well as clever! Well done Rachel, well done!