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May 14, 2011

A Taste of Summer

Last Tuesday the temperature hit 94 degrees (plus humidity). Let me tell was hot. This was a record high since 1934 when the highest temp of the day was 105 degrees (or so the internet tells me).

I'm sure we'll have many days like this to come through the summer. Right now we're rocking the two ceiling fans. On hotter days we'll use the ac, but I think we'll invest in a nice fan. Last August the heat was intense. As for now, we'll just sit in our underwear and eat cold watermelon. Mmm. I also need to put popsicles on my shopping list. Sometimes the Millers eat popsicles while we video chat...every time I want to reach through the screen and just grab one! Do you blame me?

In other news, we have a tree. For Earth Day, Lowe's gave out free trees. Long story short, we got one! It's a little spruce something that is definitely not native to Iowa, but we're growing it in a pot with the hopes of transplanting it when it gets bigger. Remember our little back patio? That is where Steve (yes, we named him Steve) generally resides, although the wind has been intense the last few days and almost tore the little guy out of the soil. He is now spending a little time indoors.

My first attempt at gardening...
Our little family! :)

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  1. haha Steve is such a perfect name! This post made me giggle...