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May 2, 2011

Harry Potter. The Definition of Epic.

Ok, maybe it's not the definition of epic (especially when we have Lord of The Rings in the running - a small part of me is always hoping for the discovery if Middle Earth. Let's face it, elves are a lot better looking in Middle Earth than in the wizarding world) but I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Books, movies...I love it all.

I just finished re-reading all seven books and I love them even more than I did when they first came out. As usual, it's sad that everything from the books couldn't be put into the movies. For instance the movies do not mention S.P.E.W. or the fact that Ron and Hermione are prefects. All things considered, I think everyone did a fine job with the films - I wonder how much assistance they had from J.K. Rowling with the screenplay. They must have had some amazing writers who knew the series as well as Miss Rowling herself. And the actors? What a splendid casting job! I mean really. Superb!

Anyway, I am getting pretty psyched for the last film of the series. Even if the series itself is not epic, this film will be. The final battle people! If you recall, the sixth film (Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince) was released in theaters on July 15, 2009. Since my birthday is the 14th, I promptly convinced Scott that I wanted to attend a midnight showing. This year, the film will again be released on July 15. Midnight showing time! I need to think of the right time to spring this on Scott...hopefully we will have the time off and be in Utah that week. If so, we can definitely pull this off. Cross your fingers everyone!

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  1. If your here Chris and I will totally go with you to the midnight showing!!