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May 21, 2011

Emily is Married!

Emily and I met in second grade - pretty sure a mutual friend introduced us on the playground. We became better acquainted right after we both turned eight and were preparing to be baptized. There we were, waiting for our interviews and we got to chatting. Lo and behold, we had the same birthday and our parents had the same anniversary. Crazy, right? From there we were constantly realizing (and sometimes probably making-up) more similarities between ourselves. We both had freckles. We had the same hair color (this was kind of a made-up one...I think we talked ourselves into thinking that we had the same hair color). We had the same friends. What happened next? We started telling people we were twins and having joint birthday parties. We were so cool, and our friends were jealous (at least we thought they were...).

Now here we are, almost 15 years later (weird that I can say that). I am thankful to say that Emily is one of those friends that is a true friend. No matter how much time we go without speaking or seeing each other, we can always pick up just like it was yesterday. Em was a bridesmaid at my wedding, and I'm sad to say that I wasn't able to attend hers today, but I am so excited for her and Chris! They are both so wonderful (I have known Chris since high school as well) and I'm pleased that they have chosen a future together. Congratulations to them! And now, some awesome pictures of Emily and I.

The beginning of our we-think-we're-cool-but-we're-really-not days.
6th Grade at the Utah State Fair. Me on the left, Em on the right.
9th Grade as PHASE (Peers Helping Advance Self Esteem) counselors.
We get better looking after the braces leave the pictures...
Boating on our 16th birthday. Also in the photo, Josh and Zac.
Youth Conference in August of 2005...that would make us 17.
Celebrating our 18th birthday!
June 2006, on the plane to Cancun for our senior trip
(I should blog about that sometime...)
December 2006
This is what happens when your close friends work in a bridal store: trying on dresses after the mall closes.
January 2007. Just being awesome.
May 2007 - summer trip to St George, UT
Also on our summer trip to St George, UT.
November 2007 - my bridal shower.
November 2007 - the night I first went through the temple.
November 2007
Honestly, a little awkward. I found it comical. :)
March (I think) 2009 - Zac's mission homecoming
 Spring/Summer - ish 2008 - Roller skating!

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