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April 14, 2011

Week Two

Week two of my "Six Weeks of Greatness" was great!

Liz's weekend visit ended on Tuesday evening. She was originally scheduled to fly out of Des Moines on Monday afternoon, but bad weather kept her plane in Des Moines. Although it caused stress on her part, I was really happy to have Liz stay another night. We got a pizza, ate peanut butter m&ms and watched various tv shows and a movie. A splendid last evening with her in town!

Friday evening we had a visit from Mark and Tony who are long standing friends of my family. Tony and I were born a week and a half apart and have basically known each other all of our lives. My mom always tells people that we were in diapers together. Anyway, Tony's older brother Chris was married the weekend before so Mark (Chris and Tony's dad) and Tony were driving a truck of Chris' things to Virginia. Lucky for us, I-80 runs right through Des Moines! I last saw the guys over three years ago, so it was really nice to see them! They also brought a few things for us from home. I was so grateful!

We received a box from my mom including various craft items and lots of fabric for sewing! We received a box from my dad including sewing projects I had packed away months ago as well as some of our favorite treats! They also brought our electronic keyboard so I can practice up my piano skills, and my hutch! I'll post some photos below. This was the one piece of furniture I was most sad about leaving behind when we moved. I am so glad to have it back in our place!

My hutch!
Tony and I at my End-of-Year concert for ballroom. May 2006.
This week I was truly grateful for friends and family.

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