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April 15, 2011

Week Three

Continuing as planned, my "Six Weeks of Greatness" continues with Cherish and Joey's wedding! For me, the weekend was better than planned. I loved every minute of it, with the exception of the fact that Scott was still in Des Moines. Below is the weekend in pictures. For a full play-by-play, visit our private blog here. If you're not invited to the private blog and would like to be, let me know!

Swimming with Aeris and Oliver
Aeris giving me directions. :)
Ollie all bundled up
Post swimming photo
Out to lunch!
Little Samwise. So adorable!
Out for breakfast. Check out Ollie's cheeks! He is a little chipmunk...
My new hat!
We had matching shoes. :)
Ollie's turn.
Ollie helping me bowl.
Wedding time! Don't worry folks, it's just sparkling cider.
I LOVE these kids!
The bride!
Sean and I waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Ollie waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom
Sean and Cherish
The wedding couple's table and cake.
One of the guest tables.
Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom
First dance
First dance. LOVE this picture.
Having dinner - it was DELISH
Daddy daughter dance
Mother and son dance
Cutting the cake
Love it!
LOVE this one! Don't they look great?

So sweet. :)
I also really like this one.
Cherish and Sean dancing
Cherish and Alan dancing.
Bride, groom, and kiddos.
Bride, groom, and kiddos.
Sean and I dancing. What a stud!
Steve and Leslie dancing. :)
Teaching my brothers the macarena. That's right. We're cool.
Sean and I all dressed up. Love this kid!
Father and bride
Big brother and the bride.
Cherish and I. Yeah, She's tan (comes with owning a tanning salon) and I'm not (comes with a winter in Iowa).
Cherish and Sam.
Cherish and Ollie.
Me and the boys. LOVE these kids.
The view of Lake Tahoe while boarding at Heavenly.
Last photo. If you read my post about becoming vegetarian you'll know why I took a photo.

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