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April 28, 2011

Week Six

This post has been a long time coming. I am a little behind on my blogging so this weekend I'm planning to play catch up. Finishing up my Six Weeks of Greatness was a visit from the Millers! I definitely skipped Weeks three and four as both were fairly uneventful.

Dave, Lisa and Melanie arrived in Des Moines on Thursday night and stayed through the weekend until Monday. Aside from diving into our lives and showing our apartment, Scott's campus, and my work place we spent time relaxing and took a day trip to Nauvoo, Illinois to do baptisms in the temple and have dinner at the all-too-famous buffet at The Hotel Nauvoo. So many unhealthy dishes that were too delicious to pass up.

At the Nauvoo Temple
Doctor Scottie (soon-to-be)
Me and Mel in the car.
Lisa and Mel
Remember our Christmas card photo? This is where we took it. :)
The DMU sign. Classic.
The parentals. Love them.
Our backyard.
Our backyard, complete with the Des Moines River.
Thank you to our family for taking the time to come and visit. We love you!

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