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April 28, 2011

Gluten-Free. The End of a Vegetarian Era.

That's right, our stint of vegetarianism is over. I'll admit it was difficult to handle, but that's not the reason why we started eating meat again. Scott officially has celiac, so we decided rather than starve while trying to avoid gluten and meat, we would just choose one to avoid. He has been feeling terrible for quite some time (even more so since the start of our vegetarianism) so we're glad to have a way to get a handle on things.

After months of eating pasta every night, I am making some rather tasty gluten-free dishes, with a big thank to you to my sister-in-law Julie who has pioneered the endeavor and blogged about it (honestly, she's inspiring). The biggest hit has been chicken cordon bleu. So delicious!

We also had some good tips from our good friends Brad and Erika on where to shop and what brands to buy when going gluten free. So far, we are fan's of Udi products, namely their pizza crust. Mmm. We have taken to creating our own pizzas at home rather than ordering a large to share and having Scott feel terrible for hours/days after.

Soooo if you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them. My step-mom has celiac and has always been gluten free herself, although I admit I didn't pay a whole lot of attention since I didn't think I'd ever be doing it. For the most part I know what to steer clear of, but I am constantly happy to find recipes that are fairly quick and simple.

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  1. while my sister was living with us we discovered she was gluten intolerant so my cooking drastically changed. I posted the gluten free recipes on my recipe blog :