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February 26, 2011

Six Weeks of Greatness

Valentine's Day marked the beginning of my Six Weeks of Greatness. That's what I'm calling it anyway.

The agenda is as follows:

Week One: Valentine's Day (we ate out (and had meat) and spent the evening together watching 30 Rock and Scrubs) and a weekend visit from Liz!

Week Two: A continuation of the weekend visit from Liz and a visit from Tony (whose family I have known all my life).

Week Three: Cherish and Joey's wedding (including my trip to Tahoe and seeing my family)!

Week Four: Continuation of my trip to Tahoe resulting in a three-day work week.

Week Five: Intermission Week

Week Six: Visit from the Millers (including time at Winter Quarters and Nauvoo)!

Once the six weeks are over I'm not sure what I'll do to stay sane...hopefully the weather will be better and we can venture outside!

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