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January 16, 2011

Yesterday Was A Good Day

Saturday. Sigh. I love Saturdays!

We slept in until what, 8:00 am? I suppose that counts because it felt great! Once we got out of bed we cuddled on the couch eating breakfast and watching our favorite shows. We started with the most recent episode of Modern Family, then continued with countless episodes of 30 Rock. Honestly, I can't count how many we watched. When we started watching, season one was a little hard to sit through, so we skipped the second half and jumped to season two. We love it!

After our TV marathon we had lunch (yes, that's how long we spent on the couch) then Scott started studying and I started sewing. Yes I now have a sewing machine, and yes I love it! I took over the living room and spent a few hours fixing split seams a few dresses, reattaching lace back onto the bottom of a couple of camisoles and fixing a hole in Scott's Boise State hoodie. I also watched The Blind Side. I really like that movie, although Scott doesn't, so I was sure to watch it while he was studying.

Around 3:00 pm we went to the school for some exercise time, then to the store for some fresh vegetables. After a quick dinner Scott studied more while I finished up my projects for the day. You want to guess what we did before bed? You got it! We watched a few more episodes of 30 Rock, finishing up season four.

With the greatness of Netflix I have also been watching Bones. Yesterday I started season six, which is currently airing. The thing I like most is that I can seldom figure out who the murderer is until they actually reveal it. I am stumped every time!

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  1. 1: 8:00? It's a sad world when we say that sleeping until 8:00 in the morning is sleeping in. ;) haha- but I totally understand! My schedule is such that I love days that I can get away with not waking up until 7:00. :)

    2: I. LOVE. THE BLIND SIDE!!! One of my favorite favorite movies. :)