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January 9, 2011

Iowa is REALLY Cold

Believe it.

Des Moines is a short 130 (ish) miles from Winter Quarters in Omaha, Nebraska. If you're wondering, I'm sure Nebraska is super cold too. I'll believe the pioneers, no need to experience it myself, right? Being as that is the temple nearest to Des Moines, I may need to experience it anyway.

My theory is that the severe cold is the result of the following:

  1. Mountains (or rather the lack of mountains)
  2. Wind (most likely a direct result of item number one)
It really wouldn't be any colder than Utah or Idaho, but when you factor in wind chill it is a whole different world. This weekend the heat it our house wasn't on - it's controlled by our landlord. Not a huge deal, but we were thankful for the warm stuff we got for Christmas (mainly warm pjs and a cozy blanket).

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