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January 5, 2011

Christmas in Idaho

We had a 7:00 am flight from Salt Lake to Boise so by the time we reached the house everyone was getting out of bed so we all had breakfast together. A few hours later we went caroling to deliver cookies to friends and neighbors. It was great! I'm not a very musical person, but Scott's family is very musical and I love to be included.

Over the next few days we...
  • Built a "gingerbread" house. It collapsed within an hour of completion.
  • Played the Wii. The dance game everyone is talking about? So great!
  • Attended the ward Christmas party where my mother-in-law's singing group performed.
  • Joined the Miller Family Christmas party in Salt Lake via webcam and cellphone.
  • Saw Tangled. Such a great movie!
  • Watched Frosty the Snowman and Frosty Returns.
  • Had our own Live Nativity.
Pictures? Yes please.

Out caroling
We're good at fitting four girls in the back seat. It's fairly comfortable.
Talent showcase for the Miller Family Christmas party.
Janelle is holding the laptop for video and Julie is holding the phone for sound.
Our "gingerbread" house!
Scottie, Darcy and I.
Our Nativity costumes.
Scott as a wiseman - Rachel as the innkeeper - Lisa the narrator - Janelle as the angel - Dave the videographer
Melanie as the shepherd - Darcy as the sheep - Julie as Mary - Landon as Joseph

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