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December 3, 2010

Meeting the Millers

As I was reading through my past few posts I realized that I left out some very important details! When I wrote a post about our wedding I said, "A few minutes later I met his family" and left it at that. Well, this post is about meeting the Millers (hence the title).

After said DTR, Scott and I went to The Spaghetti Factory at The University Mall to meet with his family for dinner. It was Labor Day Weekend so they were in town for the evening to bring Scott's sister Julie back to BYU for fall semester. The next morning the whole family was heading to Wyoming for a reunion before bringing Scott and Julie back for school to start. Scott and I arrived at the restaurant before everyone else and sat in the entry waiting. I was fairly nervous because all Scott prepped me with was the fact that his dad liked to ask questions. "Some people like it, and some people don't" is what he told me.

After a few minutes the family arrived (I think Julie and her boyfriend (now husband!) Landon) came a few minutes later. Is that right? Hmm. Anyway, Scott and I sat across from his parents (apparently for my interrogation) while Julie, Landon, Janelle, and Melanie all sat at the other end. The highlights from the dinner are as follows:
  • I was never interrogated. The questions from Scott's dad weren't to drill me but to get to know me.
  • I was listened to very carefully. By everyone. That part was probably a tinge intimidating.
  • I said the funniest thing all night, something we all still talk about. Scott and I were quietly discussing our order and he decided on the same thing I had chosen. When the server took our orders, Scott went before me so it looked like I copied him. I told everyone that he copied me, and they loved it. 
  • The Millers are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Seriously. If you don't know them, you should get to know them. If you do know them, you know what I mean.
Long story short, I love being a Miller and I could not have found a better family to marry into. I fit right in and we all get along so well! Because I love pictures so much, here are some Miller family photos!

Funny Family Photo - July 2010
Family Reuion in Afton, Wyoming - July 2008
Family Photo - August 2008
Beach Dog Cafe in Newport, Oregon (delish!) - June 2010
Newport, Oregon Aquarium - June 2010
Munson Falls Oregon Coast - June 2010
Family Photo on the beach at Depoe Bay, Oregon - June 2010
Funny Family Photo on the beach at Depoe Bay, Oregon - June 2010

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