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November 26, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

Holiday Love Sketch Christmas 5x7 folded card
Shop for elegant Christmas photo cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

November 25, 2010

Christmas Cards

The other day I was casually looking over the news feed on Facebook to see the latest status updates from my friends. One status caught my eye quickly - it said something about free photo cards from Shutterfly for bloggers. Naturally, I clicked the link and submitted my application for two reasons:

1. I am a big fan of shopping online for any type of photo gift, and I have never used Shutterfly before.
2. I am also a big fan of free things. :)

In addition to my want to try a new photo site, I really wanted to create Christmas cards this year since we no longer live near family and friends. If you know Scott and I, you know that we don't usually spend money lightly (not to mention that medical school is expensive) so I nixed the idea of Christmas cards.

Before dismissing the idea completely I browsed a few sites and easily chose two favorite Christmas cards:

The What A Year Card 
The Holiday Love Sketch Card
I love them both so I'll have to choose. What do you think? Up until now I have been more of the photo book and photo calendar kind of girl so I'm excited for something new. What about size, design, and color? Also, what photo should I use?

November 23, 2010

Three Years!

On November 17, 2007 Scott and I were married in the Jordan River Utah Latter Day Saint Temple. It was a wonderful day, and I'm very happy about the decision we made to be sealed to each other for eternity.

Scott and didn't officially date for long, but we got to know each other while working together over the summer. We met at the end of May in 2007 and sat next to each other at work for eight hours every day for the following weeks. We had our first "date" mid July and things went pretty well from there. I wanted to keep my options open while we were dating - something I had never done before - so when we had our DTR (determine/define the relationship) I told Scott we shouldn't be exclusive. A few minutes later I met his family.

A few days later Scott and I were out one night and he played his guitar for me - it was a talent I wasn't aware he had and I loved it! After he played and sang my favorite Dashboard Confessional song we just sat and talked. I don't remember anything we talked about except for one thing: setting a date for our wedding. We had never before talked about marriage, but Scott simply said "Gold or white gold?" and without hesitation I answered, "White gold". Then we both kind of looked at each other and realized what we were talking about. We then set a date (which we later changed) and a location (which we later changed). That week we picked out rings together and Scott officially proposed (after talking to my dad).

Not much later we were married and life has been wonderful since! Here are a few of my favorite photos from our wedding day:

Our "Shotgun" Wedding

I have no idea what was going on, but apparently is was pretty good. :)

As of Late

I haven't blogged in a few days, which is sad. Here are some updates!

Scott got another kidney infection which we found was caused by a bout of e coli. Nast. His second round of antibiotics should have knocked it out though, so I think we're in the clear with that. He also just finished another week that involved three tests. It was a really busy week and we both spent lots of hours studying - yes I meant to say we. I'm learning a lot too!

I have had a killer cold for almost two weeks now and it's just getting worse. It started with a runny nose, became a sore throat, then developed into a cough. I now barely have my voice which is problematic when you work in a call center. Yesterday was rough and today was much worse. By the end of my shift customers were asking me to repeat myself and I sure don't blame them. Tonight my cough has gotten much worse and so has my voice. We'll see what the morning brings and maybe head to the doctor. I'm thinking I'm on the way to bronchitis here.

Last week we celebrated our third anniversary! I'll write about that separately because it is well deserving of it's very own post.

Tonight there's a blizzard happening in Utah, and says we'll have snow here tomorrow. It has been cold enough for snow lately, just not many clouds to bring the moisture. This week we'll be getting out our winter coats, gloves and scarves.

With winter as our doorstep, here are some last photos for fall:

I love the fall colors!
Leaf garland sent from the Millers and our little "Give Thanks" Pumpkin.
A homemade leaf garland.

November 5, 2010

Call Me Lisa. Or Rita.

When I answer calls at work, the required greeting includes my name. At least half of the people who repeat my name get it wrong. Most commonly I am called Lisa, although Rita is becoming an often name as well. I laugh every time!

The other day I talked to a customer for an hour on the phone. An average phone call should take about three to four minutes, so an hour is painful. While the customer was arguing the terms of an agreement I had time to think over some better customer service tips for everyone.

Getting Through the Automated System.
Automated phone systems are setup for customers who only need general account information. They actually save lots of time and money for the company as well as customers who are calling. Each system is a little different, but all can connect to to a representative one way or another. Repeatedly enter selections that are not options (such as the pound sign). Press 0. Say you don't know your account number. Etc, etc.

Operating Hours.
Know the operating hours of the location you are calling. Account for time zone differences. If nobody is in the office to take a call, then nobody is in the office to take a call. The automated system won't send you to anyone, it may even just hang up if you enter invalid options.

Some complaints honestly don't make a difference. Painful but true, so choose your battles.

Be Nice:
It is generally no fault of the representative if they can't help you. You have rules at your job, and they have rules at theirs. Also keep in mind that there may be laws and regulations set for the representative to abide by.

Listen and Repeat:
Don't interrupt, and listen carefully. Repeat what you were told (even in your own words) to be sure you understand.

Needed Information.
Have any important information ready. Bills, receipts, checkbook, etc.

Be specific.
Ask for exactly what you want. Ask to have that fee removed (try asking for a one-time fee removal). Ask to speak with a supervisor. Ask, ask and ask.

Let the representative know if they did a good job. If you have time and you appreciate their help, ask for a supervisor to give positive feedback. Why not make their day? On the flip side, you can also offer negative feedback if the representative is truly offensive. Companies need to know which employees are worth having around.


I love Netflix.

If you love movies (heck, if you just like movies) and you have enough time for a movie every week or two, it's worth it.

$8.99 (plus tax, so $9.53 for me) each month for unlimited streaming and one DVD at a time.
No due dates, rental fees, or membership fees.

One word: Spectacular.

Yeah I know I don't work for them or anything, but I love it way to much to not spread the word.

November 2, 2010

Operation: New Recipes

I'm looking for some new recipes. I'd like to try dishes that are vegetarian, gluten free, generally healthy, or just plain delicious. Also, if it's something quick, easy, and tasty then it is up my ally I'm sure!



You can post a comment so others can see, message/comment on facebook, or send me an email. So simple. If you'd like, I'll share a recipe with you in exchange! I have some pretty easy meal type recipes as well as some delicious baked good recipes.

My FAVORITE cookies!